Los Lances South - Spain
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Kitespot Los Lances South: What to Expect?

In Spain, on the southern end of Tarifa beach, also known as La Jaima, kitespot Los Lances South is a great destination for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers looking for constant wind. The spot stretches from the Rio Jara river up to kitespot Balnéario, offering a diverse range of water conditions, from choppy water, little waves to a lagoon with Poniente.


Kitespot Los Lances South's best wind months are from March through October, but the spot is windy year round.

There are basically 2 kinds of wind. Levante (E) and Poniente (W). Levante is strong, blows from the land, a bit gusty, off-shore, and is boosted by the Venturi effect. Poniente is a lighter wind, blows from the sea and when sunny, boosted by a thermal effect.

The forecast does not show the real deal around summer. 8 knots Levante (E) on the forecast will be around 17 knots in real life, and 20 knots will be around 35 knots. Every few days Poniente (W) will be present and 8 knots on the forecast will be around 17 knots in real life. This is because the forecast doesn’t include the Venturi effect and thermal wind.

If you’re curious about the current action at the spot, check the webcam.

Thermal wind & Venturi effect

The Venturi effect is caused by the Levante wind from the eastern mediterranean. This wind is compressed between the Sierra Nevada and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and results in a strong wind (20-50 knots).

The thermal wind is caused by the temperature difference on land and water. When heat, during the day increases, the thermal wind will do the same. It starts increasing at 11:00 until the afternoon and calms down in the evening. The thermal effect is most present with Poniente, which results in a wind from 15-25 knots.


The wind direction and strength at Los Lances South can vary, so riders should be prepared with a range of kite sizes. It’s advised however to check the forecast before you pick your quiver. Add a few knots to the wind gusts because of thermal or venturi effect.

  • Kitesizes with Levante: 4-12m (80kg)
  • Kitesizes with Poniente: 7-14m (80kg)


  • Low season: Nov-Feb
  • Mid season: March-May / Sept-Oct
  • High season: June-August

Water Conditions

The water conditions at kitespot Los Lances South are diverse, with flat areas as well as chop and small waves when the Levante wind blows from the east.

Poniente creates a small to medium wave, as well as a lagoon at Tarifa beach (although it's prohibited to ride in the lagoon).

Closer to kitespot Balneario, there are some rocks that can be a hazard, so riders should be cautious when navigating these areas.

Launch Area

The launch area at the beach is near the soccer field Campo de Fútbol and close to Tarifa Centre. So you can probably set up after a little walk from your apartment.

It's important to note that from June 15 to September 15, kitesurfing is not allowed due to the high number of beachgoers during the summer months. In this period you can visit kitespot Los Lances North or go to kitespot Valdevaqueros.

Lessons & Gear

Los Lances South offers lessons and gear rental. There are quite some experienced instructors and top-of-the-line equipment available.


Riders should be aware that the spot can be gusty with the Levante wind and that there is no rescue service available.

It's best to only kite when you're able to do a self-rescue and with a buddy.

Additionally, the rocks closer to Balneario can be a hazard, so riders should be cautious when navigating these areas.

Level of Riding

In terms of the level of riding, Los Lances South is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders due to the gusty wind and lack of rescue services. However, for those who are comfortable with these conditions, it can be a great spot to improve your skills and ride in.

If you’re under guidance of a kitesurf instructor which can provide rescue you can also kitesurf when you’re a beginner.

How to get there

If you travel from Malaga airport, then it’s a 2 hour drive to the spot. There is also a bus service that runs between Malaga and Los Lances South. If your driving you can park near the launch area.

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From March to June 15 and September 16 through October is the best time, where May to June 15 is the best of best.

Choppy water to little waves.

Yes, with Poniente (W).

Yes, 4:3mm from November through June, 2mm shorty from July through October.