Balneario - Spain
intermediateΒ  choppy sand sea

Kitespot Balneario: What to expect?

At the most southern point of Spain in Tarifa you’ll find kitespot Balneario, which is notorious for its big air conditions and riders which do freestyle and megaloops.

Kitespot Balneario offers challenging and exciting riding conditions for advanced kitesurfers, but riders should be aware of the hazards and take necessary precautions.

The spot has space for a maximum of 8 riders.

If you're not an advanced rider you should definitely visit this spot in the evening to see some kitesurf magic after your session at Los Lances North.


Kitespot Balneario offers year-round wind. The best wind direction is Levante (E) which is cross-offshore and can be gusty.

Levante (E) is boosted by the Venturi effect, where the wind is compressed between the Sierra Nevada and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and results in a strong wind (20-50 knots).


The spot requires a wide range of kite sizes depending on wind direction and strength. It is best to check the forecast before visiting the spot.

Water conditions

The water conditions at kitespot Balneario range from flat to chop with Levante (E), and small to medium waves with Poniente (W). Be aware of the rocks and strong currents.

Launch Area

The launch area at kitespot Balneario beach is medium-sized. There is no rescue service available, so riders should be self-sufficient and aware of the hazards.


As previously mentioned, the hazards at kitespot Balneario include rocks, strong currents, off shore winds, and gusty winds with Levante. Riders should be aware of these hazards and take necessary precautions.

Level of riding

The level of riding at Kitespot Balneario is advanced, and it is recommended for experienced riders only.

How to get there

Kitespot Balneario is located on the southernmost beach of Los Lances up to Isla de Tarifa, which separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar. You can park near the spot.

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Kitespot Balneario offers year-round wind.

Choppy water to little waves.

Yes, with Poniente (W).

Yes, 4:3mm from November through June, 2mm shorty from July through October.