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Kiteboarding in Peru - A Complete Guide

Peru is a country with a long coastline along the Pacific Ocean, and has great kitespots to learn wave riding. Aside from wave riding there are also spots like Paracas with a flatwater lagoon to mix things up.

In this guide, we'll explore the wind conditions for kiteboarding in Peru, and where the best spots are.

Wind Conditions in Peru

The wind in Peru is generally thermal. These thermal winds are generated by the temperature difference between the land and the sea, with warm air rising over the land and cooler air flowing in from the sea to replace it. This creates a low pressure system over the land that draws in the wind from the ocean, resulting in consistent and predictable wind conditions that are ideal for kiteboarding.

Northern spots like Mancora, Punta Luna and Pacasmayo have best thermal winds from June to January (12-30kts), while a southern spots like Paracas has best wind from October through April because of the wind from the Andes mountains.

The wind that blows in Paracas comes from the Andes Mountains and is commonly known as the "Paracas wind" or "Andean wind". This wind is a local phenomenon that is caused by the venturi effect created by the proximity of the Andes Mountains to the coast. As the wind flows from the mountains to the coast, it is funneled through narrow gaps and canyons, which causes it to accelerate and increase in speed. This results in strong and gusty wind conditions that can be challenging for kiteboarding, especially for beginner and intermediate riders. The Paracas wind is most commonly experienced during the afternoon and evening, and is usually strongest during the months of October through April.

Kiteboarding Spots in Peru


Paracas is a small town located south of Lima, and it's a great place for kiteboarding. Best wind from October through February, The water is pretty flat and shallow for a long time before becoming deep.

October - April Flatwater - Choppy


Mancora is a small town located north of Peru, and it's a popular destination for wave riding. The wind blows pretty much all year round on a thermal basis, but the best months are from June to September and from October till January (12-30kts).

June - January Choppy - Huge Waves


Pacasmayo is a small town located north of Peru, and it's a great place for kiteboarding. The wind is strong and constant, and the waves are perfect for waveriding. The best spot for kiteboarding in Pacasmayo is El Faro, a long beach with steady winds and a good launch area.

June - January Little Waves - Huge Waves

Punta Luna

Punta Luna is secluded kitespot located north of Pacasmayo with small to huge waves, great surroundings and a kitelodge to rest.

June - January Little Waves - Huge Waves

In conclusion, Peru has great kiteboarding spots for both beginners and experienced riders. The wind is strong and constant, and the water is warm and clear. Whether you're looking for a small town or a big city, there's a kitespot in Peru that will suit your needs. So, grab your kite and board and head to Peru for an unforgettable kiteboarding experience!

Nearby countries

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