Punta Trettu (Sardinia)

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In Sardinia, a small Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, and a 55-minute drive from Cagliari-Elmas Airport (CAG), you’ll find the Punta Tretta kitesurf spot with its shallow and flat water and sandy shore. Therefore it’s a perfect spot for beginners or a place to get your tricks up.

After a 15 min walk from the coast, you’ll enter the Punta Tretta kitesurf spot on the tip of the land. The spot is sandy with a few rocks and has a small launching space. Be aware of the trees on the spot when launching. Usually, most used kite sizes are 9-12m depending on your weight.

To enter the Punta Trettu kitesurf spot you need to pay a €10 contribution which covers annual insurance.

Kitesurf spot Punta Trettu has a strong thermal wind in summer. For instance, the wind could be up to 10 knots more than forecasted. This wind is called Mistral (NW). In September and October, you’ll have fun with the wind named Scirocco (SE) which adds a few knots to the forecast. If you kitesurf during winter you’ll meet Tramontana wind (N) which can go up to 50 knots.

If you need lessons or equipment check Pro Kite Sardegna, Kite Village Sardegna, or Punta Trettu Kite Center & Café.

Park your car near the harbor and enjoy the Punta Trettu kitesurf spot.

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