Porto Liscia (Barrabisa beach) - Sardinia
beginnerΒ  choppy sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Porto Liscia?

In the North of the Italian island Sardinia, on a 50-minute drive from Olbia, you’ll find kitespot Porto Liscia with its choppy ocean water and sandy beach. The beach itself has lots of space, therefore it’s a great place for riders of all levels.

Thermal wind

In summer the wind is coming from the northwest and is cross onshore. In autumn and spring, the wind is coming from the other direction and can be offshore. Only advanced riders should hit the water in offshore conditions. During autumn and spring, Porto Pollo is your place to go when you're a beginner. Remember to always add a few knots for the thermal wind to the daily forecast.

Launch Area

The beach of Porto Liscia has a medium-size launching space and there are no hazardous areas. On the right sight of the beach is a swimmer zone, which is marked with buoys. In other words, make sure to respect the swimmers.

Lessons & Gear

If you need lessons or equipment contact FH Academy.


There are multiple parking areas where you are able to park your car. If you brought your own equipment, it might be smart to park right in front of the beach of Porto Liscia and walk 5 min to the spot. You can also choose to park your car a bit more towards Isola dei Gabbiani (the island in between the bays) so you’re closer to different schools for lessons or gear.

Did you know the Porto Liscia kitesurf spot is one part of two bays divided by a small strip of land? Make sure to also check out Porto Pollo.


From July through September is the best time.


Yes, from May through September.

Yes, 2mm shorty in October, 3:2mm from November to May. No wetsuit needed from June to September.