Porto Botte (Critical Slide) - Sardinia
beginnerΒ  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Porto Botte?

In Sardinia, Italy, about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the Cagliari Elmas airport, you’ll find a long beach named Porto Botte with 2 main Kitespots:

Porto Botte (Sky High kite school) Porto Botte il Fortino (Critical Slide kite school.)

When the wind is coming from the North West, it will normally be windy all day at both spots.

Level of riding

The spot is perfect for all riders. Beginners are suggested to ask for the rescue service (especially at Critical Slide) because when the water gets deep it could be hard to get back to the beach.

Launch area

Sky High has a small sandy beach to launch from. Critical Slide has a very small beach where you can set up. To launch the kite you have to enter the water because there is not enough space on the beach.

Crowd level

Rarely too crowded. You will find a bit more people during weekends and in July & August. At Sky High there are more tourists, however at Critical Slide there are more local riders and tourists in the high season.

Lessons and Gear

Critical Slide: Cabrinha Sky High: Duotone Both schools offer lessons and rental.

Water conditions

The water is normally very flat, especially at Critical Slide. There is a large area with shallow water and farther out the water gets deep. There are no rocks in the water but many algae in some areas. No booties are needed.

Best kitesurf wind

The best kitesurfing wind is the Mistral (North West) which is always stronger than the forecast because of a Venturi effect and an added thermal wind from May to September. Sometimes, even when almost no wind is shown on the forecast but the direction is from the North West, it will be windy. It works well also with the South East, especially at Critical Slide.

Local kitesurf rules

During the summer season, to get into the water, it is mandatory to use approved kite launching areas up to 200 meters from the beach.


Parking is not a problem in either spot. Sky High has, 400 meters from the kite beach, a big facility with a skate ramp, chilling area, camping, gear storage, restaurant and a small shop. It also has a separate area for the windsurfers. Critical Slide has, on the spot, a changing room, a storage and an area with beach chairs, sun umbrellas and a small bar.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Punta Trettu, a 15 minute drive from Porto Botte.


From May through September is the best time.


Yes, from May through September.

Yes, 2mm shorty in October, 3:2mm from November to May. No wetsuit needed from June to September.