Jastarnia (Hel) - Poland
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Kitespot Jastarnia (Hel) - What to Expect?

Kitespot Jastarnia is a kiteboarding destination located on the Polish coast in Europe. It is situated in the middle of Hel peninsula, a 35-kilometre-long sand bar separating the Bay of Puck from the Baltic Sea.

Jastarnia offers kiteboarders a unique kitesurfing experience with its shallow, flat to choppy water lagoon, ideal for beginner to advanced riders. With a variety of facilities and services, this spot is perfect for those looking to kitesurf in a beautiful and windy location.


Kitespot Jastarnia is a windy spot, with average wind speeds of 10-25 knots. The best wind direction is W, WNW, and NW, and the main direction is W, WSW.

The kite season in Jastarnia is from March to October, but it is windy year-round.


Kiteboarders of all skill levels will be able to ride at Jastarnia, with kite sizes ranging from 9-14m (80kg). The wind is perfect to upgrade your skill level or work on your freestyle tricks.

Water conditions

The spot offers flat to choppy shallow water up to 1km out to the south. The best tide is high tide with approx 12 hour circulation and a 30 cm difference in height.

Launch Area

The launch area at kitespot Jastarnia is a medium size sand beach that is dependent on tide. There are no beach hazards, and the beach is a popular destination for beachgoers during the months of July and August.

Lessons & Gear

For those new to kiteboarding, lessons and gear rental are available at kitespot Jastarnia. The spot also has schools and a shop for kiteboarders to take lessons and buy or repair gear.


The only hazard at Jastarnia is the pier, which kiteboarders should be aware of when riding in the lagoon.

Level of riding

The shallow water and windy conditions make it a perfect spot for riders of all skill levels to improve and progress their kiteboarding skills.


Jastarnia offers a range of facilities for kiteboarders, including rooms, camping, school, shop, repair, rental, rescue, shower, toilet, food, and parking. These facilities ensure that kiteboarders have a comfortable and safe kitesurfing experience.

How to get there

To reach kitespot Jastarnia, kiteboarders can fly into the city of Gdansk and then take a short drive and park at the parking lot next to the spot.

For those who would like to take a train from Gdansk, they have to walk 15 min from the Jastarnia station.

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From March to October is the best time because of temperature, however the windiest months are from September through May.

Flat to choppy water


Yes, 5:4mm with cap, gloves and boots from October through May, 4:3mm in June & September, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty in July & August.