Chalupy 3 (Hel) - Poland
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Kitespot Chalupy 3 (Hel): What to Expect?

Kitespot Chalupy 3 is one of the many kitespots located at Hel, a peninsula in Poland, and a great place to go kitesurfing in Europe.

The big shallow area at Puck Bay and flat to choppy water makes this spot is perfect for beginners but also for more experienced riders who want to improve their freestyle.

The spot is just next to camping Chalupy 3, so you could take a session just after breakfast.


The wind at Kitespot Chalupy 3 is frontal and blows from the W, SW direction mostly, which is side-on. The average wind speed ranges from 10 to 25 knots and there are a few days a year (35) of wind up to 35 knots. There is no thermal or trade wind at this spot.

The season is from March to October, however it can be windy year round.


Riders at kitespot Chalupy 3 can expect to use kites from 9-14m (80kg), depending on their skill level and the wind conditions.

Water Conditions

Kitespot Chalupy 3 offers two different water conditions for kitesurfing. On the bay side, the water is shallow for the first 500m and is flat with a bit of chop.

On the Baltic Sea side, the water has choppy to small waves. However, only ride this side when there are onshore winds (N, E).

Launch Area

The launch area at kitespot Chalupy 3 is quite small. However you can set up at the grass area and launch from the shallow water. If you're a beginner please mention this when launching to fellow kitesurfers and ask for additional help & instructions at the spot.

Lessons & Gear

If you are just starting out or want to improve your skills, lessons are available at kitespot Chalupy 3. The lessons are held in the shallow area next to the spot, from the grass dune between Chalupy 3 and Camping Solar, up to 500m out. You can also rent gear at the spot.


There are no known hazards at kitespot Chalupy 3. However, as with any water sport, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and follow the necessary safety precautions.

Level of Riding

Kitespot Chalupy 3 caters to riders of all skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The shallow water on the bay side makes it ideal for beginners, while the choppy to small waves on the Baltic Sea side will challenge intermediate and advanced riders with North or East wind.

How to get there

The nearest big city to kitespot Chalupy 3 is Gdansk and the nearest town is Puck. The spot is easily accessible and parking is available.

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From May to October is the best time because of temperature, however the windiest months are from September through May.

Flat to choppy water


Yes, 5:4mm with cap, gloves and boots from October through May, 4:3mm in June & September, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty in July & August.