Rewa (Cypel Rewski) - Poland
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Kitespot Rewa: What to Expect?

Located in the town of Rewa in Poland, kitespot Rewa is a real beauty because of the 1 km sand dune (peninsula) in the Bay of Puck, a southeastern bay of the Baltic Sea.

It is a kitesurfing destination that offers shallow areas and flat water to little waves which makes it suitable for riders of all levels.

The spot is just a short drive from the cities of Gdansk and Gdynia which are both worth a visit on non windy days. Same as the nearby forest which offers great MTB opportunities.


Kitespot Rewa has average wind from 10-25 knots. The wind direction mainly blows from the West and can be a bit gusty. The best wind direction is from the Northwest, North, Northeast and East.

The season is from March to October, however it can be windy year round.

In the summer months, the wind has a thermal boost (sea breeze) when it comes from the east.

Check the webcam to see the current action at Rewa.


Riders at kitespot Rewa should expect to use a variety of kite sizes depending on the wind conditions. Riders can expect to use kites ranging from 9-14m (80kg).

Water Conditions

The water conditions at kitespot Rewa vary from choppy to little waves in the bay to flat if you pass the sand dune. Out of the bay the winds are mostly offshore. It’s not advised to ride offshore winds without proper precautions.

The water level is around 1-2m and changes a bit by tide during the day. The shallow water areas makes this spot very suitable for beginners.

Launch Area

Kitespot Rewa has a big sandy beach which can be pebbly after a storm. The launch area is big, making it easy for riders to get in and out of the water. The beach is not known for any hazards and is busiest during the months of July and August, when it’s also used by beachgoers.

Lessons & Gear

There are lessons and gear available for rent, as well as a shop on site for kitesurfing supplies.


Swimmers and fishing nets can be hazards to watch out for while kitesurfing at kitespot Rewa. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and follow proper kitesurfing safety guidelines.

Level of Riding

Kitespot Rewa is suitable for riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The varying wind and water conditions make it a great spot for riders to progress their skills.

How to Get There

Kitespot Rewa is located in the town of Rewa and is a short drive from the cities of Gdansk and Gdynia. The spot is easily accessible by car and has parking facilities available. You can also grab a 45 minute bus ride from Gdynia.

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From May to October is the best time because of temperature, however the windiest months are from September through May.

Choppy water to little waves.

Yes, in summer with wind from the East.

Yes, 5:4mm with cap, gloves and boots from October through May, 4:3mm in June & September, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty in July & August.