Red Slave - Bonaire
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What to expect at kitespot Red Slave?

On Bonaire, a 20 minute drive from Kralendijk you’ll find kitespot Red Slave with medium waves (2m) at a windy day and a coral beach.

Kitespot Red Slave gets its name from the slave huts & salt mines next to this spot. It’s a good spot to check out when you're done with flatwater and need some kickers.


The wind at kitespot Red Slave is offshore and is coming from the east to northeast. From December until July it’s mostly around 15-25 knots. The wind is a bit gusty during the day but most stable during morning and at the end of the afternoon. This constant tradewind gets its power from the temperature differences between subtropics and equator and the rotation of the Earth.

Kitesurfing rules

It’s officially not allowed to kitesurf at this spot. If you stay at least 75 meters from the shore, in the dark blue water, you’ll probably be alright with the rangers. It's best to ride upwind from Atlantis to avoid you from meetings with sea urchins when entering the water.

Level of riding

This spot is only for advanced riders, and you should not ride alone because there is no rescue.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Atlantis, which has a rescue service.


From December to July is the best time.

Little waves.

No, not as far as we know.

No, a UV-lycra is advised however.