Atlantis - Bonaire
intermediate  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Atlantis?

In Bonaire, a 20 minute drive from Kralendijk you’ll find kitespot Atlantis with mostly flat crystal clear water and a sandy beach. However there are some chunks of coral, so It’s good to check your steps when entering the water.

Kitespot Atlantis is your spot to kitesurf in a bikini and do some freestyle, but a long sleeve lycra and lots of sunscreen will probably suit you better. There is also a great chance that you’ll have a meetup with turtles and if you're lucky some dolphins.


The wind at kitespot Atlantis is offshore and comes from the east. From December until July it's mostly around 15-25 knots. The wind is a bit gusty during the day but most stable during morning and at the end of the afternoon. This constant tradewind gets its power from the temperature differences between subtropics and equator and the rotation of the Earth.

Rescue Service

To keep you from drifting off to Panama, kitespot Atlantis has a rescue service. It's recommended to always buy a rescue card at the nearby kitesurf school. It costs around $25. If you know how to ride upwind and keep course you’ll probably don't use it. If you're a beginner and are not having lessons this could end up in a great amount of rescue fees.

Nature Tag

It's also good to know that it is mandatory to buy a Nature tag, so that the Bonaire National Marine Park can be maintained. You can get this tag at the nearby kitesurf school or at the website of Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA). Rangers can ask you to show this Nature tag.

Kitesurf school

If you need lessons or gear, check out the two parked buses on kitespot Atlantis. The yellow bus is from Bonaire Kiteschool and the blue bus is from Kiteboarding Bonaire. It’s recommended to contact them before your visit.

Park your car at the spot and start enjoying this beautiful place.


From December to July is the best time.

Flat crystal clear water.

No, not as far as we know.

No, it's 27-3 a UV-lycra is advised however.