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What to expect at kitespot Trabucador?

In Spain, a two hours drive from Barcelona airport or one hour away from Reus – Tarragona airport you’ll find kitespot Trabucador.

There are two options: the ocean and the lagoon. There is a strip of sand between them. The best one is the lagoon, with enough space for everyone. The lagoon is more than 5 km long and 3 km wide.

Thermal Wind

The best wind direction is SW (called Garbí), a thermal wind that blows between April and July. Normally, at about 13:00 a breeze starts blowing from the South. Later, it will veer to the Southwest. It blows between 12 and 20 knots side on-shore, so you’ll need a 10-15m kite (75 kg).

In autumn and winter the wind blows from the NW (locals call it mestral) and it’s strong, gusty and offshore because it comes “from the mountains”. Not the best choice, but if you want to kite, bring a 6-9m kite (75 kg).

Water conditions

At kitespot Trabucador it is mainly flat on the lagoon. If the wind is strong, it will be a little choppy. The first 50m are shallow. Then, it is deep.

On the ocean side it is always choppy.

In summer the water is warm on the lagoon, so you won’t need a wetsuit. In autumn and winter it is freezing. A 5/4 mm wetsuit is highly recommended.

Launch Area

At kitespot Trabucador the launching area is limited if you are kiting on the lagoon. Please, wrap your lines when your kite is on the sand. On the ocean side the launching area is huge.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy your gear at Spirit Kite School & La Central del Kite. There are other schools, but they are highly inadvisable due to different reasons.

Level of riding

All levels are suitable at Trabucador. The lagoon is perfect for everybody!


If you ride on the lagoon, there are stinging algae hidden in between the normal ones. Wear a lycra and/or pants such as leggings to avoid being stung.

There are some greater weevers buried in the shore. Wear booties to make sure not to step on one with your bare feet.

There is no rescue service.


There is a limited parking area next to the lagoon.

There is a beach bar from where you can watch the sunset or the kiters ripping on the lagoon while having a drink. It opens only in summer.

Other activities

Kitespot Trabucador is located in Delta del Ebro, a famous Natural Park with a lot of outdoor activities to do, incredible cuisine and amazing wild places to discover. Check them here

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