The Church (Lefkada Lagoon)

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What to expect at kitespot The Church?

In Greece, a 20 minute drive from the Preveza Airport, you’ll find kitespot The Church. Located at the Lefkada Lagoon and only accessible through kitespot The Wooden Bridge.

The Church is one of those hidden chems you rarely find. The spot has white sandy beaches and flat shallow water with a perfect angle on the wind. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and on its own piece of dune you’ll find a beautiful little church.


There is thermal wind at the Church kitespot. The wind is onshore or sideshore when N, W, NW, WNW or NWN. The spot is especially fun for downwinders and with the right conditions it can also be a good spot for practicing freestyle.

Kitespot The Church has the best wind from May till September.


There are no facilities at this spot.

How to find the spot?

The spot can be accessed by a downwind from kitespot The Wooden Bridge. To get back to The Wooden Bridge you will have an upwind track of around a mile which is an easy ride for intermediates.


Preveza Airport (PVK) is about 10 km away from the spot. It’s also an option to fly to Corfu and take the ferry from Corfu (CFU) to Igoumenitsa and do the last part by car. The ferry takes about 1,5 hours and from there it’s still a 1,5 hour drive by car.

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