Wooden Bridge (Lefkada) - Greece
beginner  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot The Wooden Bridge?

In Greece, a 20 minute drive from the Preveza Airport, you’ll find kitespot The Wooden Bridge. It's a paradise for kiters of every level due to the beautiful clear and flat water lagoon. The lagoon is around 1-1,5 meters deep and surrounded by rocks which break the waves creating a flat water area. The rocks are clearly visible so no need to worry. An extra bonus at this spot is the large launching area.

Fun fact: The spot owes its name to the famous wooden bridge which provides the only accesspoint to the beach.


Kitespot The Wooden Bridge has a thermal wind. The wind is onshore or sideshore when N, W, NW, WNW or NWN. Compared to other spots in the area this is a relatively safe spot when the wind is blowing sideshore.

You’ll find the best wind here from May through September.


There are no facilities at this beach, so bring your own water and food. During the summer time many kiteschools are active here, making it a busy spot in the summer months. If you need gear or lessons contact Milos Beach Resort.

How to find the spot?

Kitespot The Wooden Bridge is not very easy to find. To get at the spot, go over the swing bridge and continue down the road for around half a mile. Until you find a fort on your right and on the left a dirt road. Go down this dirt road for a few hundred yards and you’ll see a few cars parked there if the wind is on. Warning: Be extra careful to leave your belongings out of sight in the car or take them with you as thefts have occurred there. Turn left along a path and straight ahead of you is a rickety old bridge which leads over a small sand dune to the lagoon.

With downwind this spot also provides you access to kitespot The Church.


Preveza Airport (PVK) is about 10 km away from the spot. It’s also an option to fly to Corfu and take the ferry from Corfu (CFU) to Igoumenitsa and do the last part by car. The ferry takes about 1,5 hours and from there it’s still a 1,5 hour drive by car.


From May through September is the best time.

Flat and shallow.

Yes, from May through September.

Yes, 4:3mm from November through April, 2mm shorty in May, 1mm from June to end-October.