Lake Silvaplana - Switzerland
intermediate  flatwater grass lake

What to expect at kitespot Lake Silvaplana?

In the southeast of Switzerland at 1800 metres of altitude, you’ll find kitespot Lake Silvaplana after driving 2.5 hours from Zurich airport or Milan Bergamo airport.

Kitespot Lake Silvaplana is located on the NW shore of Lake Silvaplana. It is a grassland and a beautiful lake with turquoise water surrounded by huge mountains with waterfalls and snow on their summits.

Thermal Wind

The thermal wind (locals call it Maloja wind) comes from the SW and SSW and the season is from June through August.

The wind starts blowing at about 11 am and weakens at 6 pm, when the sun drops behind the mountains. The wind is quite steady, but don’t expect the steadiness of the thermal Mediterranean sea wind. Remember that you are on the Alp mountains and the wind blows through a valley with natural obstacles and speeds up due to the Venturi effect. Between May and September it blows 10-18 knots, so you’ll need a 10-15m kite (75 kg). It's however adviced to only kitesurf from June through August since the water is extremely cold in the other months.

Water conditions

At kitespot Lake Silvaplana it is a little bit choppy. There is a small gravel beach from where you have to start with side-shore wind. It gets deep very fast, so don’t expect to be standing for more than five metres. If you accidentally go downwind and can’t come back, you’ll have to exit the water through rocks.

The water is very cold in summer, as it is a mountain lake at 1800 m above sea level that feeds on meltwater. You’ll need a 5/4mm wetsuit. Some people also wear neoprene gloves and a cap.

Launch area

At kitespot Lake Silvaplana the launching area is a very big meadow, but it gets crowded very easily. Please wrap your lines when you are not in the water.

Level of riding

This spot is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders due to being very crowded on summer weekends and having to start and exit through a small gravel beach.


Get your lessons and buy your gear at Swiss Kitesurf, the only business with the right to operate on the spot.


  • The local kite club owns a restaurant on the spot, so pizza is guaranteed!
  • Bathrooms, hot showers and changing rooms available directly under the restaurant
  • camping place on the spot too
  • paid parkings near the kitesurf spot.

Other activities

Silvaplana is situated in the wild region of Engadina, which offers some activities to enjoy the environment, like hiking one of the near summits or taking the cable car to have a panoramic view of the lakes. Another option is to visit the neighbouring town of Saint Moritz (the “swiss Monaco”) where you will find luxury hotels, restaurants and shops. Check MySwitzerland for more info about activities on no-wind days.


From June through August is the best time.

Flat to choppy water.

Yes, between May and September there are 10-18 knots of thermal wind.

Yes, 5:4mm with cap, gloves and boots from June to August, Drysuit in May and September.