La Neuveville - Switzerland
intermediate  flatwater grass lake

What to expect at kitespot La Neuveville ?

In Switzerland, a 1 hour drive from Bern airport you’ll find Kitespot La Neuveville at the Bielersee. With the north wind called “Bise”, it’s the ideal spot for kitesurfing. With a magnificent view on the opposite shore of the peninsula of St-Pierre, each session will be pure happiness.

This spot is very popular with foils because it’s pretty flat and the lake is directly deep. 


The north wind “Bise” (NNE-NE-ENE-E) enters very well on the lake, it is a relatively stable wind, generally announced a few days before and which can be of all forces, from 10 knots to 40 knots. 

When the wind is coming from the north, it can become very gusty. The windiest time of the year lasts 5.2 months, from mid-November to the end of April, with average wind speeds exceeding 11.0 kilometers per hour.

During summer this spot has some thermal wind (Le Joran) at the end of the afternoon. This is because of the water temperature of the lake and the air from the surrounding area (from Jura). Le Joran will add a few knots to your forecast. 

Water conditions

The lake goes from 7 degrees on the surface in winter to reach 15 degrees at the end of mid-season and then can rise to 20 degrees in summer. The water is always flat and therefore perfect for learning to foil.

Launch area

The take off area is on a lawn behind the football fields, which is slightly winded. Most of the time the wind is stronger on the water so it is best to check the kite sizes which are already on the water. To go into the water, you have to pass between a few trees and then go down stone steps which can be slippery, so keep your kite at 12 and be careful.

Level of riding

Kitespot La Neuveville is for intermediate or advanced riders. The launch is quite complicated and you need to master your kite. There may also be boat passages, so you need to be able to quickly change your course and pace.

Don't worry if you drop your kite in the water you'll never be too far from the beach. A little swim will bring you back to the edge.


There is no kiteschool at this spot. 


The parking lot is located 200m from the Gin Kiteboarding house, the local surf shop of the local brand, just in front of the restaurant “Le Nénuphare”, by the lake. Parking is chargeable, don’t give the police the possibility to ruin your day. You will see the spot from the parking lot behind the football stadium.To get to the spot you have to walk along the football stadium.


In front of Kitespot La Neuveville there is an island called St. Petersinsel which is a bird protected zone. Don’t go too near to the island to keep nature lovers happy. It ’s also a very sheltered area from the wind.


From March to October is the best time.

Flat to choppy water.

Yes, in summer evenings up to 25-30 kts. Locals call this wind "Bergluft (Le Joran)".

Yes, 5:3mm with cap, gloves and boots from November to April, 4:3mm from May to September.