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What to expect at kitespot Strand?

In South-Africa, a 20 minute drive (30km) from Cape Town International Airport you’ll find this amazing kitespot Strand, with crystal clear water and a 1,7 km long flat sandy beach.

Best kitesurf wind

It is best to kite with a Southerly wind, but you can kite from South South East to West North West. in summer time the Southerly is the best and during winter time West North West is your friend.

Wind strength and kite sizes

The wind at kitespot Strand is around 8 knots to 27 knots with gusts up to 35 knots (but that happens seldom). For a 75kg kiter on a twin tip a 7m kite up to a 12m will be perfect, with the 9m being used the most. It’s perfect for foiling in those light days. Foilers just need to walk in quite a lot, cause the beach is flat with a very gentle slope.

Check the Live wind at Cape Kiting and the webcam of Webcam Taxi before your session at kitespot Strand.

Thermal Wind

There is a thermal wind in summer from October until the end of March. The wind will start around 11:00 and then get stronger towards the evening, unless it is still blowing from the day before. In winter we kite with the approaching cold fronts.

Water conditions

There are medium size waves, which become choppy behind the backline. In winter a big swell normally arrives with the cold fronts.

Water temperature

In summer between 18°C to 22°C and in winter from 12°C to 18°C. In Summer a 3/2mm wetsuit and even a shorty, while in winter a 4/3mm wetsuit is ideal.

Local kitesurf rules

Launching and landing is from the Hottentots-Holland Beach Sailing Clubhouse Northwards towards the fence about 600m away. Kiting in the shallow water is also only allowed in this area. Please watch out for surfers around you. Once you are beyond the waves, you can kite the whole length of the beach at Strand.

Level of riding

Beginner to Advanced.

Launch area

Big open flat sandy beach for launching and landing without any obstacles.

Kitesurf club

Hottentots-Holland Beach Sailing Club is the local Kite Club with clubhouse, compressor and showers.

Lessons & gear

Get your lessons at Kitekahuna and get your gear fixed at The Kite Loop SA.

Kite downwinder

Do a 7km down winder with a Southerly wind from Strand to Macassar, and get picked up with a cold beer, max 4 kiters. Contact Frohan Visser


Showers and toilets on the beach.

Food & Beers

De Brasserie, a Belgian Bistro, with excellent Belgian beers, great food and fresh seafood and right on Beach road with a 180 degree view of the sea is definitely a favourite.


All along the beach road there are parkings so you only need to walk a few steps to get to the beach at Strand.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Dolphin Beach, a 1 hour drive from kitespot Strand.

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