Dolphin Beach - South Africa
intermediate  little waves sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Dolphin Beach?

In South Africa, a 25 minute drive from Cape Town Airport or 5 min drive from your Blouberg residence you’ll find kitespot Dolphin Beach with a great view on the Table Top Mountain.

At this spot the wind (SE) is mostly side shore and the beach is nice and sandy with more than enough space to set up your gear.

Park your car at the parking lot next to Dolpin Beach Hotel. Around 13:00 the wind is slowly picking up speed. Most used kite sizes are 5-7 depending on your weight 65-90kg with strong wind, and 7-9 (65-90kg) with a more modest wind. The closer you are to the mountain the heavier the wind.

Most of the time there are pretty good waves (1-3m) so you can have some fun with it.

If you're up for lessons or some gear, the nearest kiteshop is High Five Kitesurf School. You can also check Cabrinha Kiteboarding South Africa (CKSA) at Eden on the Bay. CKSA is surrounded by nice restaurants and gives a real boulevard feeling.

When the wind on kitespot Dolphin Beach is more then you can handle, check kitespot Langebaan.


From November to March is the best time.

Small to big waves.

No, not as far as we know.

Yes, 5:3mm from November to March, 4:3mm in other months.