Vayu (Talaimannar) - Sri Lanka
beginner  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Vayu?

Sri Lanka is a tropical country with a very warm kind of people and good food. After arriving at Colombo Bandaranaike (CMB) airport and an 8 hour drive straight to Mannar Island, near Talaimannar, you’ll find kitespot Vayu at the western tip. If you're a backpacker you can also reach the spot by train. From Talaimannar train station it is just a short drive by tuk tuk to Vayu resort.

This part of Sri Lanka is quite untouched and rural. Vayu resort is the only thing around. It is quite a calming place to stay.

Water conditions

The spot is attractive for its flat water. The open sea water, mostly knee deep, is perfectly flat due to the sand banks - when kiting on the off shore side. On the onshore side of the sandbanks there might be little waves to play in. The banks change shape during the year, so the situation there might differ slightly from older videos or photos.

Thermal wind

Sri Lanka has 2 main seasons with pretty reliable thermal winds. In summer from May – October the wind is SW, in winter from December – March the direction is NE. The power is variable up to ~28 knots. Storm kite sizes are not needed, but do take bigger sizes with you. 

The wind at kitespot Vayu is nicely steady, because it arrives on open water.

Launch Area

A sand beach with lots of space for launching.

Level of riding

The spot works for every level, due to the nice flat and shallow water.


When kiting on the flat water at Kitespot Vayu this is on offshore winds. Luckily Vayu resort offers a boat rescue, and the water is mostly knee deep. It is also possible to kite on the onshore side of the banks, but that gives chop/little waves.

Be aware of typical Murex shells (with spikes!) on the beaches and in the water. They look lovely, but are not very friendly to your feet.


Vayu resort offers full-board accommodation, taxi service, kite lessons/rentals & yoga lessons. The ambiance is peaceful – for a good kite retreat. The place is owned by a duo – a French guy and a Singalese guy, therefore it has both an international and a local ambiance around.

Alternative travel kitespot

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Written by: Marleen van der Wiel


From December to March and from May to October is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, from December to March and May to October.

No, a UV-lycra is advised however.