Kalpitiya Lagoon - Sri Lanka
beginnerΒ  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Kalpitiya Lagoon?

In Sri Lanka, at a 4 hour taxi drive from the main airport Colombo Bandaranaike (CMB), you will find the village Kalpitiya. This village offers the main spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. With several spots around, the Kalpitiya lagoon is the main spot. It is big and flat, and especially a perfect spot for the beginning kitesurfer.

During the 2 kiting seasons, you’ll mostly find plenty of wind to have a go. But in any case the wind does not show up for a day, there’s plenty of things around to do. For example, a day of safari at the Wilpattu National Park or practice cross-fit at The BNKRΒ with a good coffee after.

Thermal Wind

Sri Lanka has 2 main seasons with pretty reliable thermal winds. In summer from May – October the wind is SW, in winter from December – March the direction is NE. The power is variable up to ~28 knots, but mostly between 16 to 22 knots. Storm kite sizes are not needed, but do take bigger sizes with you.

Since the wind arrives over land, it is mostly quite gusty. When looking for steady and clean wind to do your tricks, you might want to check out some other (smaller) spots around.


Since the spot is a lagoon, the water is nicely flat. The whole lagoon is quite shallow, you might not be able to touch ground in the middle of the lagoon, but don’t be surprised if you do touch some muddy ground with water plants. Also, the water is not as clean as you will find at open sea spots.

Launch Area

At the west shore of the lagoon there is a sand beach wide enough to unroll your lines and safely launch your kite. Most kitesurf schools are located at this side of the lagoon.

Lessons & facilities

Lots of kite schools and resorts can be found around the lagoon. For example Kitesurfinglanka, Rascal’s kiteschool and Ruuk village.

Level of riding

Kitespot Kalpitiya Lagoon works for every level, due to the flat and shallow water, however expert riders might prefer other locations due to the gusty winds.


There is a myth saying there are very poisonous snakes in the lagoon, once having killed a fisherman. He was pulling in his fishing nets and got bitten on the thin layer of skin in between two fingers. Since the snake has only a very small mouth, this is the only place on our human body where it could get sufficient grip to release its poison. So… when body dragging, close your fingers! Or… have doubt about this story and just enjoy your ride!

Alternative travel kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Vayu (Talaimannar).

Written by: Marleen van der Wiel


From December to March & May to October is the best time.

Flat shallow water.

Yes, from January to March & May to October.

No, the watertemparature is 25-30Β°C.