Sotavento (Fuerteventura)
beginnerΒ  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Sotavento?

In Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands of Spain and a one hour drive from Fuerteventura airport you’ll find kitespot Sotavento. Depending on the height of the tide, apart from the classic beach you may find an idyllic lagoon.

The beach is sandy and very long. The kitespot is directly in front of the Hotel Melia RenΓ©-Egli and it extends 5 km to the south. Kiters and windsurfers share the beach without problems, because there is enough space for everyone.

Thermal Wind

The best wind direction is North, which blows between February and September most frequently. It is a thermal wind reinforced by a Venturi effect due to the orography. It blows up to 40 knots offshore and it’s pretty gusty due to the mountains.

In high season you’ll need a 5-8m kite (75 kg).

In low season wind may blow not that strong and /or from other directions. A 8-12m kite is recommended then (75kg rider).

Water Conditions

At kitespot Sotavento it is choppy on the ocean and flat on the lagoon.

On the ocean the waves are flattened due to the North wind blowing offshore.

At high tide and when conditions are appropriate, the lagoon fills with salty water. It is flat and shallow (maximum 60 cm depth). Check the water level on the lagoon here.

Launch Area

At kitespot Sotavento there are two scenarios:

There is a lagoon: the launching area is limited. The bigger the lagoon is, the smaller the launching area becomes.

There is no lagoon: the launching area is huge because the lagoon surface can be used to launch and prepare your gear.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons & gear at:

Level of Riding

All levels are suitable at this kitespot. Beginners will learn how to go upwind. Intermediate riders will start jumping and advanced riders can nail new freestyle tricks!


If you ride on the lagoon, it gets too shallow in some areas. You can drive your board into the sand and get hurt.

There is a rescue service for a fee. For more info, go to the Hotel Kite School.


The parking area is very limited and gets crowded easily. The best option is to stay at the Hotel MeliΓ‘ RenΓ©-Egli Hotel close to the spot and not to think about parking your vehicle.

There is a beach bar and a restaurant.

Other activities

In no wind days you can visit the desertic island of Fuerteventura. Very near to Sotavento there is Costa Calma, a tourist place with a lot of activities to do like shopping, going to restaurants and partying.

Nearby kitespot

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From February to September is the best time, where July & August are the best of best. However it's windy year round.

Choppy on the ocean and flat on the lagoon.

Yes, between February and September, up to 40 knots offshore.

Yes, 5:3mm from December through May, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty from June to end-November.