Flag Beach (Fuerteventura)
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What to expect at kitespot Flag Beach?

In the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is the island of the wind, the sand and the sun. Flag Beach is its most popular beach. You’ll find kitespot Flag Beach after a 30 min drive from Fuerteventura airport.

Flag Beach is located in the Natural Park Dunes of Corralejo. It is a large sandy beach with dunes and some cutting stones in medium/low tide.

Thermal Wind

The thermal wind is N-NW (locals call it Alisios). It isn’t exactly thermal, it is an isobaric steady wind that gets reinforced during the warmest time of the day. The windiest months are January to August, being March to July the best. However, it’s possible to kite all year.

In summer there will be about 20-25 knots, so you’ll need a 8-9m kite (75 kg). During the rest of the year it is less windy, about 15-20 knots, so a 10-12m kite (75kg) will be the best option.

Water conditions

Flag Beach is a spot with choppy and clean waves. There are different types and of different sizes depending on the point of the beach: places further south tend to have more waves.

In summer, you can kite wearing only boardshorts and a rashguard or a shorty if you fancy that. A 3/2 wetsuit is recommended for the coldest months.

Launch Area

Flag Beach is huge. There is room for everyone to set up and launch. Just be careful, don't start near the rocks and look for them under the water so you or your board doesn’t get damaged.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy your gear at Line-up Fuerteventura & Fuerteventura Kite School.

Level of riding

Kitespot Flag Beach is suitable for all levels.


On Flag Beach there are some rocks on the sand and under the water. There aren’t many and are huge, but you must pay attention not to crash or cut yourself with them.


Parking your car could be a problem because Flag Beach is not only the favourite beach for kiters, but also for locals from Corralejo town and tourists. You should not expect to park fast and easily, especially in high season.

At the southern portion you can find some hotels directly on the beach.

It is a wild and protected beach so please, keep it clean!

Other activities

Fuerteventura has the best Spanish beaches with its turquoise water and white sand, but sunbathing is not the only option here. There are awesome spots to learn how to surf, like La Pared. There is also a paradisiac island just in front of Flag Beach, Lobos, which is worth discovering.

Nearby kitespot

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March to July is the best time.

Choppy to small waves.


Yes, 5:3mm from December through May, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty from June to end-November.