Risco del Paso (Fuerteventura)
beginner  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Risco del Paso?

At Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands in Spain and an hour drive from Fuerteventura airport, you’ll find this beautiful kitespot Risco del Paso. 

This spot is located at the southern end of the sandy beaches of Sotavento, which is also another entrance into the huge lagoon of Sotavento. With high tide around minimum +50-60 cm there is enough water in the lagoon for riding with flat water. After just a 3 min walk in the sand, you can start your session from the endless sandy beach and kitesurf in the open ocean on flat/choppy water, with small beach breaks. 

The spot is more for twintip riders or freestyle strapless riders.


Kitespot Risco del Paso is an all year spot thanks to the thermal wind, which is normally offshore. The thermal wind is more common during spring-autumn however it could also pick up during winter. 

The wind season starts around March with variable wind directions, but from May until September the most frequent wind direction is North, North-west. 

During summer the wind is strong (30-40 knots) and when it is side-off or offshore it is always gusty, because of the thermal wind. With east or south wind it is never gusty, but this is not the usual wind direction here. Used kite sizes are on a big range from 6 meters up to 13 meters (70kg). In the summer season with 30+ knots, 6-8 meters are the most common sizes for 70 kg.

Water conditions

In the lagoon there is flatwater, however sometimes the strengths of the wind makes it a little bit choppy. On the open ocean it is possible to have some little beach breaks (to surf them) but usually also flat or a little bit choppy.

Launch Area

The launching area is a 3 min walk from the parking at the endless sandy beach. When you reach the ocean, start on the left side of the beach, because the right side (southern side) is for windsurfers. When the lagoon is full of water, you have to walk 2 min next to the beach to the north (behind the ION Club’s building) and there you will find a little launching area.

Lessons & Gear

Club ION Fuerteventura has a shop at the spot, where you can book lessons and rent gear. 

Level of riding

This spot is good for beginners when the lagoon is full of water, despite the strong and gusty wind during the summer. For more advanced riders it is also nice to practice big air or freestyle. For surfers it is more a freestyle spot or to improve basics like turns or jibe, because there are no waves, just little beach breaks at the ocean.


  1. With offshore wind it is dangerous to go out into the open ocean. Check the rescue service at ION Club, and the opening hours.
  2. Important to take care of the windsurfing area, which is at the right side of the spot. Keep your rides on the left side of the area, respect the rules. 
  3. When the tide is high (+80-120 cm) keep in mind that the sandy beach will be under water at high tide, so do not leave your kite bags and staff there.
  4. Keep in mind that sometimes the wind picks up with +10 knots suddenly so bring smaller kites or make a plan how to change for smaller kites if it is needed.


The parking area is big, with public toilets, but these are sometimes out of service. There is no restaurant or bar on the beach so bring your own food and drinks. The nearest town is Costa Calma with bars, restaurants and shopping centers. 

No wind options

This area is a beautiful sandy lagoon, amazing to spend the day just walking on the beach, sunbathing or swimming. Playa de Jandia is also beautiful and just a 10 min walk in the sand. Mirador de Sotavento is also nearby. You can also visit Morro Jable, just 30 min by car following the road to the south.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Sotavento.


From July through August is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, from spring through autumn.

Yes, 5:3mm from December through May, 3:2mm or 2mm shorty from June to end-November.