Castelldefels - Spain
beginner  choppy sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Castelldefels?

In Spain near Barcelona, a 10 minutes drive from Barcelona airport you’ll find kitespot Castelldefels. It is a beach with a wide sandy strip and shallow water close to the shore. 

Out of the summer months kiting is allowed along all the beach. It is quite easy to find a place according to your preferences (solo, with a few buddies or with more people).

Between June and September (included) kiting is only allowed at the official kite area (300m long) with approved documents on working days, from 16h until sunset. Get your documents/permit at the local info desk at the spot. Sometimes you will have to dodge swimmers that don’t respect the sailing channel. 

Thermal Wind

The best wind direction is South West (called Garbí). It is stronger in spring and early summer because the land gets hot, while the water is still cold. From March to May the wind in the afternoon is around 12 to 18 knots, side on-shore. Bring a 10-15m kite (75 kg). In summer it is not that windy. Bringing a 13-15m kite is enough for an average rider. 

If the wind comes from the East (Levante) it is not thermal. It is a little gusty and unstable. As it is side-shore, some people go kiting with it. If deciding so, be aware that it can stop blowing at any moment.

If the wind direction is North or North West (Tramontana or Mestral) it is very dangerous. It blows almost completely off-shore and gusty as hell. Please, don’t go out on that wind!

Water conditions

At kitespot Castelldefels the water is choppy or with little waves and warm in summer. It used to be shallow next to the shore, but the depth changes after each storm. 

Launch Area

The launch area is about 150m wide. Its length in summer is 300m and during the rest of the months it is kilometers because kiting is allowed along all the beach. 

If you go to kitespot Castelldefels in summer, wind up your lines when you are done or having a break. There will be up to 200 kiters using the same area.

Lessons & Gear 

Get your lessons and buy your gear at Garbí Kiteschool or Mojokite.

Level of riding

Except in summer, all levels are allowed and recommended. The beach is wide enough for beginners. The thermal wind direction is side on-shore. Beginners can come back walking if they haven’t mastered going upwind yet.

Between June and September beginners are not allowed at the kite area in the spot Castelldefels. The rules passed by the city council oblige to go in and out of the water through the channel without going downwind.


Obey the rules in summer, please. Ask for them at the info desk at the spot.

There is a rescue service in summer from 16h until 20h to prevent kites left adrift invading the swimming area.


There are a lot of parking spots near the beach. In low season they are free of charge.

Showers are available. Beach bars and restaurants are common in Castelldefels too.

Other activities

In no wind days you can visit the city of Barcelona (only 15 minutes by train) with plenty of activities to do or go trekking in the Natural Parc of Garraf.

Alternative travel kitespot

Make sure to also check the lagoon at kitespot Trabucador, a 2 hour drive from kitespot Castelldefels.


From March to May is the best time.

Choppy water to small waves.

Yes, in spring and early summer.

Yes, 3:2mm from November to May, 2mm shorty in October, 1mm from June to September.