Sint Joris Baai

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What to expect at kitespot Sint Joris Baai?

In Curacao a 15 minute drive from Willemstad, you’ll find kitesurf spot Sint Joris Baai with nice flat salty water, onshore wind and probably some turtles. The best kitesurf wind is E, ESE.

Water conditions

The flatwater lagoon is about 2km by 2km wide and there is a big shallow area near the spot, which is great for beginners.

Launch area

Set up your gear at the green mats, and launch from here. When entering the water the stones on the shore are sharp, so remind yourself to bring surf shoes. Lucky enough if you enter the water the floor is mostly sandy.

Lessons & Gear

Get your gear or lessons at Nix-Kiteboarding or Awasalu-Kiteboarding.

Nearby spots

If you’re searching for a white beach and blue waters check kitespot Klein Curacao or kitespot Atlantis in Bonaire.

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