Gullane - Scotland
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What to expect at Kitespot Gullane?Β 

Kitespot Gullane is one of the closer kitespots to Edinburgh and is a 45 minute drive from both the city centre and airport (EDI). You will see kites flying on approach to the spot and can perform a spotcheck from your car in the Gullane Bents Car Park. A short walk will take you to the beach where you will find ample space to pump your kite.Β 


Gullane works in a wind range from W to NE. Wind slightly South beyond this range will be very gusty and patchy as it comes over the headland. The windiest season is from October till April and is Predominantly West (40%). Gullane gets an average daily wind of 14kts. Best sizes to take are 9m-12m (70/90kg).

Those proficient at foiling will be able to use this spot most days of the year.

Water conditions

The water temperature during the summer reaches a high of 14Β° and in the winter a low of 5Β°. Manageable with a good Neoprene gear, the relatively warm water throughout the summer allows for use of a 4/3 wetsuit from mid-June till mid-October.

Gullane tends to have small chop, with larger kickers as the wind grows. During high tide most of the beach will be ceded to the sea, so beware and ensure you have someone to assist you for launch and landing in these conditions.

Launch area

Gullane allows you to drive close up to the beach, which mostly disappears at high tide leading to a very small launch spot. At low tide however there is more than enough beach to launch and there is a fairly long walk to the waterline. Beware however of the fast moving tide. Keep a close eye on your gear if you leave it in a tidal zone.

Level of riding

As opposed to Longniddry, this kitespot is less affected by the dangers of rocks, especially on the east side of the beach, where there are none. This makes the spot suitable for beginners and for teaching. Advanced riders will also enjoy the benefits of this as they will be able to practise riskier tricks without having to worry about rocks


Skymonster Kiteboarding offers lessons and gear rental.


The car park is large and rarely fills up, providing ample space to rig your gear on the grassy stretches that surround it. During summer however there is a Β£2 parking fee. Overnight camping is permitted, ideal for those with campervans. Gullane town is adjacent to the spot and has pubs for a post session meal or whatever else a kiter might require.


Take care of the hidden rocks on the west of the beach, so it is best to visit the spot for the first time at low tide to memorise the locations of the rocks. Or stick to the west side of the beach where there are none at all. The tide on the beach is fast, so be mindful of your gear. There is no spot specific rescue service however the RNLI does cover the area if an offshore accident does happen. During the summer months the beach tends to get crowded with beachgoers, so keep that in mind also.


From October to April is the best time.

Choppy to little waves.

No, not as far as we know.

Yes, 5:3mm with cap, gloves and boots from mid-October to mid-June, 4:3mm from mid-June to mid-October.