Esposende Lagoon (Rio Cávado) - Portugal
beginner  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Esposende Lagoon?

In Portugal a 30 minute drive from Porto you’ll find kitesurf spot Esposende Lagoon with nice flat water. In other words, it’s a very good place to start kitesurfing or get you tricks up.

Thermal wind

During summer the wind is mostly coming from the NW. Therefore locals call it “Nortada” and it’s a thermic wind. It picks up around 12 pm and varies between 15-30 knots. The thermic effect increases when the difference between water temperature and land temperature is picking up.


When riding keep a safe distance of boats.


Park your car nearby Kookproof Activity Center. This kiteshop and school arranges a shuttle boat to the spot (every 30 min from 11am to 7pm) and you can get lessons or gear too. Check google directions. Don’t you want a shuttle boat? Then be prepared for a 2 km walk.

No wind options

If kitesurfing is not enough for you, go wakeboarding at Furia. It’s a 1 hour drive from Esposende kitesurf lagoon.

When there is not enough wind in Esposende check out kitesurf spot Viana Do Castelo.


From May to September is the best time.

Flat shallow water.

Yes, from May to September.

Yes, 3:2mm from October to May, 2mm shorty from June to September.