Dakhla Attitude - Morocco
beginnerΒ  flatwater sand lagoon

What to expect at kitespot Dakhla Attitude?

In Morocco, a 40 minutes drive from Dakhla airport you’ll find kitespots Dakhla Attitude main & speed. It is a lagoon surrounded by the desert. The lagoon is huge. As mentioned there are 2 kitespots: the Speed Spot and the Main Spot.

The Speed Spot is 5-10 minutes away to the South from the Dakhla Attitude Sports Center… by tractor! The Hotel offers this service to their customers.

The Main Spot is just in front of the Hotel, so you can walk less than 5 minutes from your bedroom to get there. Both are big with plenty of space on the sand / water. If the tide is low, the sand is plenty of razor shells. So bring your booties!

Thermal Wind

The best wind direction is North or North East. It blows around 330 days a year, the hotter it is the stronger the wind blows. From April to September (high season) the wind will be around 18 to 35 knots. Bring a 7-10m kite (75 kg). The wind picks up in the afternoon. So you can have lazy mornings. In the low season (October to March), the wind is around 10 to 20 knots. Bring a 10-15m kite (75 kg).

With North East wind the main spot (in front of the kite school) is the best one. Its direction is side shore.

With North, go to the speed spot to enjoy flat butter water and off-shore wind!

Water conditions

At kitespot Dakhla Attitude Main Spot the water is flat but a little choppy. It is shallow next to the shore.

At the Speed Spot the water is flat as heaven and it becomes deep quickly.

Launch Area

In both kitespots the launch area is huge. There will be plenty of space. However, everyone tends to kite in the same 200m. Please, wind up your lines when you are done or having a break.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy or repair your gear at Dakhla Attitude Center or Dakhla Evasion Kiteschool.

Level of riding

All levels are recommended to kite at Dakhla Attitude Main Spot. It is huge and there is plenty of space. The wind is side shore. In case you can’t ride upwind, you can come back walking.

You should be an intermediate to advanced rider to kite at the Speed Spot. The wind blows off-shore and it is NOT shallow. There is a rescue boat for problems with gear.


Be careful with the razor shells in low tide so you don’t get your feet cut.

Furthermore it is good to know that there is a rescue service at both spots. Contact Dakhla Attitude Sports Center for more info.


You can park close to the lagoon and there is plenty of space. Both spots are in front of the Hotel: there is a restaurant, a bar and a shop. They have a huge environmental problem - keep it plastic free, please.

Other activities

In no wind days you can kayak to Dragon Island, book a trip to the White Dune, wakeboard in the Hotel wake park or visit the village and its market.

Alternative travel kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Sal Kitebeach.


From April to September is the best time.

Flat to choppy water and shallow next to the shore.

Yes, year round.

Yes, 2mm shorty from December to April, 1mm from May to November.