Sisal - Mexico
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What to expect at kitespot Sisal?

In Mexico, an hour drive west from Mérida City you’ll find kitespot Sisal. Sisal is another windy coast town that has recently become a magical town of México. It's folkloric and traditional, quite small yet.It has sandy roads, a variety of houses for rent and a very good windy season!

In Sisal´s kitespot, you´ll get a pretty good wind, plus warm water, a very long and wide beach and a super cool pier as a nice background for photo shooting your best tricks.

After your session you´ll find yourself in a pretty calm traditional Yucatan town, with few options to eat fresh seafood or local dishes and walk it´s sandy roads with no worry at all. The locals are pretty kind and welcoming.


The wind season is a long one too as all of Yucatan´s coast. Trade winds kick in from November with few storms and then by winter the North winds arrive with a fresher temperature. These winds are hitting mostly on shore, a bit side on shore and making the sea look light brown on the shore.

By February the land starts heating and thermals start kicking in. From March to June is the best time wind wise. Strong thermals averaging 20-25 knots 5 days a week at least. In July the last thermals blow before the rainy season arrives.

Water conditions

Warm, green emerald colour. With a sand bank that creates a few little kickers close to the shore, but deeper than Progreso´s.

The depth of the sea will be around 3.5 meters for a few kilometers out, protecting it from big swells. It is a quite friendly sea but a bit choppy.

Launch Area

Long and wide sandy beach. If you rent a house by the sea, then you have your own launching & landing beach.

Lessons & Gear

Contact Sisal Kite or El Viento Kitesurfing.

Level of riding

Beginner, intermediate, advanced.


As all of the Yucatan, beware of the heat from May till July! Make sure to get a/c rooms. Beware of the pier if you are riding upwind of it and be nice to the beach users.


Houses, studios, rooms for rent, small hotels, few restaurants and groceries stores. You can get groceries in Hunucma´s market.

How to get there?

From Mérida city, drive an hour west on the road to Hunucmá and then to Sisal.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Progreso, a 1,5 hour drive from kitespot Sisal.

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From March through June is the best time.

Choppy water to little waves.

Yes, from around February till the end of July.

Yes, 1mm from November through April. No wetsuit needed from May to end-October.