Progreso - Mexico
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What to expect at kitespot Progreso?

In Mexico, a 30 minute drive north of Mérida city, you´ll find kitespot Progreso. It is the windiest kitespot of Mexico. Blowing on average 300 days a year. Only in the rainy season August-October, the wind consistency lowers.

Progreso is the main coastal town and port of the Yucatan, with a pier of 6.5 kms long, because of its shallow marine floor to receive big boats. You will meet a traditional Yucatan´s big coast town with all the infrastructure you need.

The main kitespot is downwind of the pier with a quite wide and long sandy beach. Is called the Playon and you´ll find a few schools there. Upwind of the pier there´s kiting too if you wanna lodge in one of the many houses by the beach.

Progreso is a great logistic kitespot for road trips to other kitespots of the Yucatan Peninsula and also to visit it's beautiful main city, Mérida.

From May till July, expect lots of heat too! Up to 40 oC, making the thermal boost up for sure strong. This will help to get some sweet sunset sessions. The sun goes down around 8pm just in front of you by the sea side, creating some mesmerizing radiant red, orange, yellow and pink sunsets.


The main wind here is thermal, kicking in by February till the end of July. Side on shore, with an average strength of 15-25 knots and delivering maybe up to three days of a week up to 35 knots sessions in between March and June, when the heat rises up too.

Water conditions

At the main kitespot of Progresso, the Playon, you´ll find a sand bank close to the shore that delivers a pretty good and long standing area for lessons, beginners and freestylers since it creates some kickers followed by flats, perfect for boosting some tricks and big air jumps.

Launch Area

Wide and long sandy beach.

Lessons & Gear

Few schools with everything you need to learn and/or get your session done. Contact Yuc Kite or Alpha Sports.

Level of riding

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.


Beware of the heat from May till July! Make sure to get rooms with a/c. And getting closer to summer days, there´s some big cloud formations (Cumulonimbus), coming from inland that cause “turbonades”, strong wind which is super gusty and then suddenly dies.


Everything you need, lodging, restaurants, bars, kite schools, hotels, airbnb houses by the beach, banks, etc.

How to get there?

Fly to Cancun and then rent a car and take the highway straight to Mérida and then go north 30 min drive straight to the coast. If you fly to Mérida straight then it will be very close from there.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Sisal, a 1,5 hour drive from kitespot Progreso.

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From February till the end of July is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, from around February till the end of July.

Yes, 1mm from November through April. No wetsuit needed from May to end-October.