Playa del Carmen - Mexico
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What to expect at kitespot Playa del Carmen?

In Mexico, an hour drive south of Cancún´s airport you’ll find kitespot Playa del Carmen. There’s a bay called Coco Beach, where locals go to get their session, since years ago.

This bay presents the blue turquoise Caribbean Sea with a small sand break that creates small playful waves. You’ll also see some boats parked at the south end of it. It is a public beach so there will be some beach users traffic, but right in the middle you’ll find the kiting spot at Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding.

On the north end you’ll find a reef break which with North East winds, can get pretty arranged shoulder to head height waves.

Playa del Carmen is a touristy town which grows at a rapid speed. Be prepared to face big tourism, lots of beach clubs, bars, restaurants and a caribbean party vibe overall, that you can very well complement with a kitesurfing session at Coco Beach bay.


The wind season is the same as the whole Riviera Maya. Starts in November with some after storm winds and ends in May with the latest breezes. The main time for riding in these particular spot is between December and April with the side onshore winds that range in between 10 to 25 knots, blowing on average 3-4 days a week.

Water conditions

Warm water with a very small shore break, not choppy, not flat. With a sand break just in front of the spot that creates some fun small waves (waist to shoulder height) and some good flats in between to pull out some good old freestyling.

Launch Area

It ain’t a wide, large beach but there’s enough space to launch and land.


The school that is in charge of the spot directly in the public beach of Playa del Carmen is PDC Kiteboarding & Watersports School

Level of Riding

More for intermediate and advanced since beginners have to face the small sand bank, it’s waves, the beach users and the boats on the south end of the bay. It is still a spot good enough for learning to ride.


On the south end, just above the boats you’ll find a reef break that sometimes creates nice waves. Do not charge in, cause there’s pretty shallow coral.
Careful with onshore winds and crowded beach days.


Everything you need for lodging, food, party, shopping, relaxing, will find in Playa del Carmen.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Tulum to combine kitesurfing with cenotes or a viewing of the popular ancient mayan ruin. Kitespot Tulum is a 1 hour drive from kitespot Playa del Carmen. 

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From December to April is the best time.

Warm water with a very small shore break, not choppy, not flat.


No, the watertemparature is 25-31°C.