Tulum - Mexico
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What to expect at kitespot Tulum?

One of the top tourist destinations of the Mexican Caribbean coast is named Tulum. When you add a windy spot, a beautiful and long white and soft sand beach, exclusive boutique hotels, holistic vibe and great night life, then you might have all you need to have a fun kitesurf holiday.

Tulum´s kitespot is based on a town where the popular ancient mayan ruin is based on top of a Cliff, with an uncomparable view to the caribbean turquoise sea and it´s long reef.

Tulum is surrounded by cenotes, jungle, mayan ruins and little towns where you´ll find handmade original hammocks and other traditional fabrics. There´ s a variety of tours available to complement your trip.

The main wind directions for Tulum´s kitespot are: side onshore and onshore winds: NE, E, & SE. If you know when to nail the best conditions, it will deliver some epic kitesurf sessions. Followed by a nice cooling down session in one of the many beach bars.


As all the Riviera Maya, kitespot Tulum has a long windy season; starting in Oct - Nov with some storm winds all the way till the light sea breezes of May.

Most north winds which are side offshore in winter and not rideable. However, between November and January you´ll catch some side onshore and onshore winds.

The best time of Tulum´s windy season is from February through April, when the warm south east (side onshore) winds kick in. When these winds blow above 20 knots, the kitespot gets quite alive and fun, sunny, warm and wavy.
This also happens with north east winds (side onshore) that are more scarce and fresher; but when they blow strong, will help those reef waves get bigger and arranged.

There will be gaps of 3 days a week on average with light wind or no wind at all on a weekly ratio. That's why it is important for these kitespot to be checking the forecast and also be ready to nail those strong side on shore winds if you wanna have some fine sessions.

Water conditions

Warm, turquoise water, with a reef break that creates beautiful waves, having the reef low enough that you don't have to worry about it, at kitespot Tulum. These waves are not barrels; they just become a doble head height roller, breaking slowly, presenting a large tunnel with a super flat area in between waves, that allows all riding styles to shred. Perfect for wave riders, freestylers and freeriders. However the shore break will give some complications for beginners.

Launch Area

Large and wide beach. Lots of spots to launch and land.

Lessons & Gear

Several schools in Tulum´s kite spot, like:

Level of riding

Lessons for all levels. Beginners have to face some waves, handable enough, hence the riding level here is more suitable for intermediate and advanced kiters.


Some of the beach zones are prohibited for kitesurfing. For instance the north beach underneath the Mayan ruins and Sian Káan Natural Reserve. It is best to check these beach zones with local schools.

There can be beach users traffic, so make sure to know what you do, before launching there.


You can find everything you need, even though Tulum´s hotel zone can be quite pricey. It´s Eco Chic style will present a variety of lodging, restaurant and bar options, so be ready to spend some dollars for your food and drinks. Still you find all the groceries you need at normal Mexican prices in the town´s supermarket and mini convenience stores.
Also in town, you´ll find more accessible restaurants, lodges, bars and tours.

How to get there?

A 2 hour drive south from Cancun´s airport. Straight line highway.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check paradisiac kitespot Punta Maroma, a 1.5 hour drive from kitespot Tulum.

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From February through April is the best time.

Little waves to huge waves.


Yes, 1mm from November through April. No wetsuit needed from May to end-October.