Pont des Basses (Canet Plage) - France
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What to expect at kitespot Pont des Basses?

In the south of France, only kilometers away from the border with Spain, kitespot Pont des Basses is a sweet spot for trying some of your new tricks or your first meters on a wave board.

It is only a 30 minute drive from the Perpignan - Riversaltes airport (PGF), arriving to the kitespot from the north, with the Mediteranean sea on your left and a lake on your right. Nothing spectacular, a mellow spot with a friendly atmosphere.

In any case you might not find the wind you were hoping for at the spot (which I hope you do not!) you could go on an adventure of flamingo spotting on the lake at the other side of the road.

Thermal Wind

The main season for kiting in this area is from April - August.

Pont des Basses thermal wind referred to as β€˜Marin’ (SE) however, picking up in the afternoon, is on-shore and perfectly suitable to enjoy at this spot. Do not count on the SE wind every day, the forecasts are not that stable.

The β€˜Tramontane’ (NW) wind is an off-shore wind at this location, it’s best move to e.g. Leucate for kiting with this wind.


The shallow area of the water is quite long. With winds from SE, little waves may come in from a similar direction. If not real waves expect choppy water.

Launch Area

Sand beach, only about 20 meters wide. When busy with kiters it can feel crowded at the beach, making launching & landing for beginners somewhat more difficult.


Several schools offer lessons around Canet-en-Roussillon. Contact We Love Kite or Kitoo.

Level of riding

The spot works for every level. More advanced wave riders will probably prefer a spot with bigger waves.


Parking spots are available along the whole beach, directly next to it. You will not find any restaurants or other places providing shade or refreshments directly at the beach.


Do not kitesurf with off-shore winds (Tramontana)!

During summer (May - September): take care to enjoy your session only in the area specified for kiting. This area is defined by a double row of buoys on both sides; at the south side these are directly north of the breakwater. Keep in mind that it can be very busy with swimmers during high season (July - August).

Alternative travel kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Leucate-Les Dosses.Β 

Written by: Marleen van der Wiel


From April through August is the best time.

Choppy water to little waves.

Yes, from April through August.

Yes, 4:3mm from November to April, 2mm shorty in May and October, 1mm from June to end-September.