Cauipe Lagoon - Cumbuco Brazil
beginner  flatwater sand lagoon

Kitespot Cauípe Lagoon: What to Expect?

Located in the state of Ceará, Brazil, kitespot Cauípe Lagoon is a popular spot for kiteboarding with its flat water and steady wind, next to Cumbuco.

The spot is often visited by pro’s, so if you're done with your session there is a good chance you can check their tricks at a barraca (restaurant) at the western lagoon shore.

The southern part of the lagoon is reserved for beginners, while the northern part is for all other kitesurfers. The lagoon gives space for about 30 riders. Most of the time the lagoon is pretty packed by noon. So it’s advised to come for an early or late session.


The wind at Cauípe Lagoon is best during the months of June through December, with August through October being the peak months. The present Alisios wind is a trade wind which blows all day, with a 15-25 knots wind average.

This Alisios trade wind blows from the east, originating from Africa and blowing across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. At Kitespot Cauipe Lagoon in Brazil, the Alisios wind is a favorable wind for kiteboarding and other water sports due to its steady strength and direction.


  • Low season: February-May (rain season)
  • Mid season: June, July and January
  • High season: August-December


The recommended kite size for Cauípe Lagoon is 10m (80kg). However it’s advised to bring a quiver, so you don’t miss a session.

Water Conditions

The water at Cauípe Lagoon is flat and has shallow areas dependent on the water level.

Recently the lagoon has been enlarged both in depth and wide, which makes the lagoon more symmetrical and enables foil riders to enjoy this lagoon too.

Launch Area

The most used launch area at Cauípe Lagoon are the ones on the western side next to kiteschool-restaurant Bê Kite Cauipe and one on the south-eastern sandbank called “Barra do Cauípe”.

Please check the IKO rules to make sure everyone can have a good session at this kitespot.

Lessons & Gear


Riders should also be aware of cars and coconut trees and beachgoers on the beach and swimmers in the water.

Level of Riding

Cauípe Lagoon is suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. As mentioned before the southern part of the lagoon is reserved for beginners, while the northern part is for all other kitesurfers.

How to Get There

Cauípe Lagoon can be reached by buggy, car or by kite with a 15-30 minute fast downwind or 1hour-2hours when you enjoy wave spot “Pico das Almas" during the downwind from Cumbuco.

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From June through December is the best time, where August through October is the best of best.


No, there is a steady tradewind Alisios.

No, it's 27-30°C, a UV-lycra is advised however.