My Hoa Lagoon (Phan Rang) - Vietnam
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Kitespot My Hoa Lagoon: What to Expect?

Located in Vietnam along the South Chinese Ocean, kitespot My Hoa Lagoon is a popular destination for kiteboarding enthusiasts. With its clear, shallow waters and consistent trade winds, My Hoa Lagoon is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders alike. Whether you're looking for a new kitesurfing adventure or just want to improve your skills, My Hoa Lagoon has everything you need. Also the wind here is a bit stronger than at Mui Ne.

There is a big chance that My Hoa Lagoon is the spot where kiters talk about as the Phan Rang spot. However this spot is about 20km out of town, which is a 30 min drive by cab or motorcycle. You can book a accomodation located at the spot or in Phan Rang like most riders do, which is also a bit cheaper.


The best wind months at kitespot My Hoa Lagoon are November through March, when strong and reliable trade winds (15-40 knots) from the North-North East (sideshore), provide ideal kiteboarding conditions. This wind is also called Winter Monsoon.

During the low season, from June to August, the wind is lighter, comes from the South-Southeast, and may be affected by storms, with wind speeds of 5-25 knots. This wind is also referred to as Summer Monsoon.

Kite Sizes

Riders can expect to use kite sizes between 7-12m (80kg), with an average wind speed of 20-25 knots during high season (Nov-March).

Water Conditions

The water at kitespot My Hoa Lagoon is shallow and flat, with little to medium waves if you pass the lagoon and reef break after 500-1000 m. The water is crystal clear, but riders should be aware of sharp coral if walking on the seafloor, therefore booties are advised for (beginner) riders who walk a lot.

Furthermore it is best to ride at high tide at My Hoa Lagoon, so there is enough water in the lagoon. You can also kite during low tide, but you have to walk 500-1000 m in.

Launch Area

The launch area at My Hoa Lagoon is a small sand beach, about 5 km long, with a sideshore wind. So it’s best to walk a bit into the water and launch from there. Ask one of the beach boys or other riders to help you launch. Remember to wrap your lines after landing to give space for other riders.

The beach is used year-round by kiteboarders and other beachgoers.

Lessons & Gear

My Hoa Lagoon offers a variety of kiteboarding lessons and gear rental options, including a kiteboarding school, shop, repair and rental. There are also showers and toilets available for riders, as well as food and parking facilities.


Sharp coral can be a hazard if walking on the seafloor, so riders are advised to wear booties if they are beginners.

Level of Riding

My Hoa Lagoon is suitable for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert. The consistent trade winds and shallow, flat waters make it a perfect destination for riders of all skill levels to improve their kiteboarding skills.

Other activities

In addition to kiteboarding, there are a variety of other activities in the area, including waterfalls, hiking, national parks, and the 13th-century Po Klang Garai Temple.

How to Get There

My Hoa Lagoon is located near the town of Phan Rang and the city of Cam Ranh. It is easily accessible by car or other modes of transportation.

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Make sure to also check kitespot Mui Ne, a 3 hour drive from kitespot My Hoa Lagoon.


From November through March is the best time.

Flat to choppy water in the lagoon with little to medium waves after the shorebreak.

Yes, a small thermal effect is present throughout the year.

No, probably not, since the watertemperature is 22-31Β°C, however it's good to bring a UV-lycra and a 2mm shorty because the wind can feel a bit chilly sometimes.