Sunset Beach Park - Florida
intermediate  flatwater gravel sea

What to expect at kitespot Sunset Beach Park?

In Florida, a 2,5 hour drive from Orlando airport and in the Gulf of Mexico you’ll find kitespot Sunset Beach Park with flat shallow water and a small sandy beach.

Kitespot Sunset Beach Park is part of Tarpon Springs which gets its name from the Tarpon fish which swims in the nearby water. Tarpon Springs is also known for its natural sponge production.

Thermal Wind

Around April and May when the air is heating up quite nice, there is a good chance you’ll benefit from the afternoon thermal effect. In winter the thermal effect is more likely to be there in the morning, because cold air is sucked into the Gulf of Mexico. Besides the thermal wind, this spot meets some tropical storms now and then with hurricane conditions. Its best to kitesurf at kitespot Sunset Beach Park when the wind is coming from the NNW, NW, WNW, WSW, SW and SSW

Launch area

At the north side of the small beach you're able to launch. The launching area is very small. It's best to watch out for the beach users, the trees, the rocks on the beach and check the local instructions

Level of riding

This spot is only for intermediate riders because of the small beach, so you need to be able to ride upwind and do not lose altitude. Remember to not ride alone because there is no rescue at this spot.


If you need lessons contact Kiteboarding Tarpon Springs. Kiteschool Kiteboarding St Petersburg also rents out kitegear.


You can park near the spot, however the parking spots are limited. Furthermore you're able to shower and visit a toilet if needed.

Nearby kitespot

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From October to April is the best time.

Flat shallow water.

Yes, from December to May.

Yes, 2mm shorty from November to March. No wetsuit needed from April to October.