Kailua Bay (Oahu-Hawaii)
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What to expect at kitespot Kailua Bay?

On the island of Oahu (Hawai), at a 30 minute drive from Honolulu Airport you’ll find  kitespot Kailua Bay. The bay is known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise and choppy water. 

The beach itself is often listed as one of the best beaches worldwide to visit. Giving you beautiful scenery to kite but also making the bay a popular destination for swimmers and sunbathers.

Wind conditions 

The Kailua bay offers year-round tradewinds that are usually only strong enough to kitesurf during the summer months. Reaching 15 to 30 knots, 18 on average between June and August making those the best months for visiting. The kitespot offers around 3-5 days of good wind per week during this season, giving you the best wind conditions in the morning and evening. 

The recommended wind for kitesurfing here is northeast side onshore wind from the right of the bay. Making sure that you and your gear always find a way back to the beach. Because of the side-onshore winds it might be difficult to go directly out of the bay. Kitesurfers are advised to body drag enough to avoid interaction with swimmers and kids that are also in the water. You’re also advised to stay away from the waterline close to the beach until you’re  ready to land again.

Water conditions

The water is warm and choppy within the bay itself, but has some medium waves on the outside of the bay. Behind Flat Island there is also some flat water, depending on the direction of the swell. Except for the reef area’s the water is pretty deep. It’s advised to wear a lycra and/or pants as protection from jellyfish and reefs in the water. Bonus: if you're lucky you might have the change to kitesurf along a sea turtle here. 

Launch Area

There is a large grassy designated area for launching and landing at the very left of the Kailua Beach Park behind Kalopawai market. Make sure to use this area. In the past there have been many incidents with kites hitting people, trees and even yards of neighbors surrounding the bay. 

Please note that the bay gets crowded easily, especially at high tide when the beach is very small. It's best to launch and land quickly.

Level of riding

The Kailua bay is a beginner-friendly spot that can also be suitable for more advanced kiters.


Get your lessons at the Kailua Kiteboarding School, part of windwardwatersports. They offer lessons to beginners and more advanced kiteboarders. It's also possible to rent a kiteboard here but no full gear.


  1. Only launch and land in the designated area
  2. No jumping or jibing within 200 feet of the shore line
  3. Absolutely no beach jumping or Hot launching
  4. Do not leave kites on the beach
  5. No kiting in the designated swim zone
  6. No trespassing into private yards to retrieve loose kites. Ask permission if necessary and pay for tree service if needed
  7. For a complete list of guidelines see both sides of the sign at kailua beach.


The beach offers many facilities from picnic tables to clean washing facilities and you can grab lunch at the Kalapawai Market. Making it a family friend spot to visit. Parking is possible at the Kailua Beach Park, near the launch and landing area.


From June to August is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

No, not as far as we know.

No, however it’s advised to wear a lycra and/or boardshorts as protection from jellyfish.