Crissy Field - California
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Kitespot Crissy Field: What to expect?

Kitespot Crissy Field is a popular kitespot located in San Francisco, California, known for the ride area between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

The spot is situated east of the bridge near the Pacific ocean (Gulf of the Farallones), providing riders with the opportunity to ride on flat water to little waves.

Thermal wind

Kitespot Crissy Field is known for its thermal wind from spring through autumn, which is caused by the sun heating the land and cold air from the ocean. Thermal wind is not visible in forecasts.

The best months to visit Kitespot Crissy Field for wind are March through October, with an average of 4-7 days per week with good wind conditions (16-20 knots). The best direction is everything between N and WNW.

At the beach side you’ll experience a lighter wind. The wind gets stronger if you pass Anita Rock (navigation beacon) in front of the beach.


Most riders use a kite size of 10m (80kg) during their sessions at kitespot Crissy Field. Keep in mind that the wind conditions can vary, so it's important to have a range of kite sizes available to ensure a safe and enjoyable session.

Water conditions

There are a variety of water conditions for riders to enjoy, including flat water, chop to little waves. The currents can be extremely strong, and riders should be aware of the potential hazards of ships and the nearby bridge. Considering the passing ships it's best to avoid spending a lot of time in the shipping lanes.

The spot is best visited during low tide, coming tide, or falling tide.

Launch Area

The medium-sized launch area is at the beach and can be crowded with families, tourists, and dog-walkers.

Lessons & Gear

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There are several hazards that riders should be aware of, including strong currents, ships, and the nearby bridge. Additionally, wind gusts can also be a challenge at times. Bystanders can also be a hazard on the beach. It's important to be aware of these hazards and to talk to local riders before you start your session.

When you get into trouble at the water a rescue can be provided by the coast guard or a passing sailboat. Bring a whistle to get noticed if you’re in trouble. Furthermore it's advised to bring you phone in a Aquapac and have the coast guard number 415-399-3451 saved.

Level of Riding

Kitespot Crissy Field is a great spot for experienced riders looking for a mix of challenging conditions and beautiful scenery. The gusty wind, varied water conditions, and potential hazards make it a spot for intermediate and advanced riders.

How to get there

You can enter the spot via the nearby parking. If you're coming from the city, it's just a short drive away.

Navigate to spot with google maps.


From March through October is the best time, where April through August is the best of best.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, from spring through autumn.

Yes, 4:3mm year round.