Ses Illetes (Formentera)
intermediateΒ  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Ses Illetes?

At Formentera, one of the Balearic Islands, you’ll find kitespot Ses Illetes after driving 15 min from Ibiza airport to Ibiza harbour, taking a boat from there to Formentera and finally, a taxi to the kitespot.

Kitespot Ses Illetes is located at the northern part of Formentera on a sandbar. It is a paradisiac beach with turquoise water and some tiny islands (Illetes in the local language) just in front of the shore.

Thermal Wind

The thermal wind comes from the East and NE and the best season is spring. It blows in summer too, but kitesurfing is strictly forbidden during tourist months (June-September).

The wind is not strong, but it blows very steadily. Between March and May it blows 8-18 knots, so you’ll need a 10-15m kite (75 kg).

Water conditions

The water at kitespot Ses Illetes it is super flat because the wind blows offshore. You can walk inside the water or directly start from the sand by doing a beachstart!

If you are looking for a wavespot, just walk to the other side of the sandbar, where you will find Levante beach.

To be comfortable, you’ll need to wear a 4/3mm wetsuit. Remember that it will be spring, so the water is not warm enough.

Launch Area

Kitespot Ses Illetes has a narrow launching area. The beach is long, but it is less than 25m wide and you will have to launch your kite from the water. Please, wrap your lines if you leave the kite on the sand.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy your gear at Formentera kitesurf and Kitesurf Ibiza.

Level of riding

Although schools teach at kitespot Ses Illetes and take care of their students, it is not advisable to go on your own if you are a beginner. This spot is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders due to kiting offshore and landing your kite on a narrow place.


Jellyfish are common at Ses Illetes kitespot during all the year. Protect your skin wearing a wetsuit or a rashguard.

There are some small islands and sailboats 200-300m away from the shore. Don’t go close to them to avoid accidents and damaging your kite.

Ses Illetes is a wild and protected beach so please, keep it clean!


There are no restaurants open when kitesurfing is allowed, so bring your own beverages.

The spot has lot of parking for cars and motorbikes. However, during weekends and holidays it can be difficult to park.

There is a rescue service available directly at the spot. Ask for Benja on the beach.

Other activities

Formentera is one of the best destinations for tourists that are looking for sunny and white sand beaches, so the range of activities is huge. You can rent a motorbike and explore all the island, discover nice small beaches, towns and forests. Check this website for more info about Formentera todo's on no-wind days.


From end-march through May is the best time.

It is super flat because the wind blows offshore.

Yes, In spring and summer.

Yes, 4:3mm from November through May, 2mm shorty from June through October.