Riumar - Spain
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What to expect at kitespot Riumar?

In Spain, a two hours drive from Barcelona airport or one hour away from Reus - Tarragona airport you’ll find kitespot Riumar.

Kitespot Riumar consists of a wide sandy beach with shallow water. There are beautiful dunes between the beach and the avenue.


Expect Isobaric wind N and NW (called Mistral) at this kitespot. It usually blows in the morning, except in summer. This Isobaric wind is gusty and tends to blow between 20 and 40 knots side-shore or side on-shore. It is stronger in the early morning because it’s colder than in the afternoon. To kite at kitespot Riumar, you’ll need a 6-9m kite (75 kg).

If a South-Western wind is forecasted (normally in the afternoon), check (and go) to kitespot Trabucador. Most of the days, locals go to kitespot Riumar in the early morning to kite with Mistral and then have a 40 min drive to kitespot Trabucador for the SW wind in the afternoon.

Water conditions

At kitespot Riumar it is choppy and shallow. If the wind is strong, there are small to medium waves. It is freezing in the morning, so you will need a 5/4mm wetsuit almost all year.

Launch Area

At kitespot Riumar the launching area is huge. As there will be strong wind, it is highly recommended to secure your kite while it’s on the sand, to avoid it from flying away!

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy your gear at Spirit Kite School & La Central del Kite. There are other schools, but they are highly inadvisable due to different reasons.

Level of riding

All levels are suitable at Riumar. The beach is huge and the water is shallow.


Avoid riding over-powered. The wind is strong and sometimes very gusty. A gust may cause an accident if you are using a bigger kite size than the one that you should.

There is no rescue service.


There is a huge parking area along the avenue.

You can also find a beach bar in the avenue where you can have a drink or eat a paella after having your morning session.

There are beach showers with fresh water and a public toilet (free of charge) in front of the beach bar.

Other activities

Kitespot Riumar is located in Delta del Ebro, a Natural Park with a lot of outdoor activities to do.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check the lagoon at kitespot Trabucador, a 30 minute drive from kitespot Riumar.


From October through March is the best time.

Choppy water to little waves.

No, this spot works with the isobaric wind from north that blows in autumn and winter.

Yes, 5/4mm wetsuit almost all year, since it is freezing in the morning.