Famara (Lanzarote)
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What to expect at kitespot Famara?

In Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands of Spain and a 40 minutes drive from Lanzarote airport you’ll find kitespot Famara next to a spectacular cliff with beautiful waves.

The beach is very long. It is divided into different areas for swimmers, surfers and kitesurfers. The kitespot is the farthest to the North and from the village. There is enough space for everyone, but bear in mind that at high tide you will have to start from the rocks.

You may find red flags almost every day at this spot due to the waves. It is only for the swimmers.

Thermal Wind

The best wind direction is North (locals call it Alisio), which blows between April and August most frequently. It blows side on-shore between 12 to 18 knots and it’s steady, so normally you’ll need a 12-9m kite (75 kg).

Water conditions

At kitespot Famara there are waves. Some days they are huge and very powerful and can create back currents into the sea. Other days the waves are medium size and fun. The breaker zone is about 50 meters away from the shore.

The water is pristine and cold. It is recommended to wear a 3/2 mm wetsuit in summer.

Launch Area

At kitespot Famara there are two scenarios:

Low tide: plenty of space to launch your kite on the sandy beach (at least 100 meters wide). Safe for everybody.

High tide: there is no sandy shore because it is covered with water. There is a narrow strip of round stones to launch your kite (about 30 meters). If you fail, you may end up crashing into the parked vehicles. Be careful!

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons and buy or repair your gear at Red Star, Lanzarote Kite and Volcano Kite.

Level of riding

Beginners may take lessons at this spot at low to medium tide.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider, you will have fun in the waves.


Be careful with the waves and check the forecast because waves can increase their size quickly and be very dangerous.

At high tide you will have to launch your kite on the rocks and maximum 30 meters away from the parking lot. Take into account that there is not room for failure!

There is no rescue service.


You can park near the launch area and there is a lot of space. There are no other facilities, so bring your own beverage and keep it clean, please!

Other activities

In no wind days you can surf. The Famara Surf spot has waves almost every day. If you prefer to go far from the sea, Lanzarote is an awesome island to walk among volcanoes.


From April to August is the best time.

Medium to huge waves.

Yes, from April to August.

Yes, 3:2mm year round.