Rio Jara

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What to expect at kitespot Rio Jara?

In Spain after a two hour drive from Sevilla and Malaga Airport you’ll find kitespot Rio Jara. Look around and you’re surrounded by sweetness. On one side are some mountains and on the other side the sea. This spot lays in the middle between Los Lances North and South. 

There is no official entry at kitespot Rio Jara. Try to find a passing next to Camping Rio Jara. The camping itself is only accessible with a camping wristband.

Almost at the sandy beach you probably see other kitesurfers loving the ocean.


You basically have 2 main winds in Tarifa. Levante (E) and Poniente (W). Levante is a strong wind, blows from the land, is off-shore and is most present in summer. Poniente is a lighter wind, blows from the sea, and most present in winter.

The forecast in Tarifa is not showing the real deal around summer. 8 knots Levante (E) on the forecast will be around 17 knots in real life, and 20 knots will be around 35 knots.
Every few days Poniente (W) will be present and 8 knots on the forecast will be around 17 knots in real life. This is because the forecast doesn’t include the Venturi effect and thermal wind.

Thermal wind & Venturi effect

The Venturi effect is caused by the Levante wind from the eastern mediterranean. This wind is compressed between the Sierra Nevada and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and results in a strong wind in Tarifa (20-50 knots).

The thermal wind is caused by the temperature difference on land and water. When heat, during the day increases, the thermal wind will do the same. It starts increasing at 11:00 until the afternoon and calms down in the evening. The thermal effect is most present with Poniente, which results in a wind from 15-25 knots.

Water conditions

The water is meanly choppy with offshore winds, and has small-medium waves with onshore winds (Poniente).

Launch area

There’s enough space to set up your gear. To keep you safe during Levante there are rescue boats in the water. A rescue ticket is available in a kiteshop.

Lessons & gear

On the roadside of Rio Jara you’ll find kiteshop OZU Tarifa to get some gear, kitelessons or a rescue card.


Bring some water and food, because there are no facilities at this beach.

Other kitespots

If the wind is too strong at this spot check kitespot Palmones.

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