Punta Chame - Panama
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Kitespot Punta Chame: What to expect?

In Panama, a 2 hour drive from Panama airport, you’ll find kitespot Punta Chame with flat water, lagoons and sandy beaches.

If you're a kitesurfing enthusiast, then you'll definitely want to check out kitespot Punta Chame, located on the Pacific coast of Panama. This beautiful peninsula is known for its strong, consistent winds, making it a great spot for kitesurfing. In fact, many people consider it to be one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the country.

In addition to its great kitesurfing conditions, Punta Chame also offers a variety of other activities and attractions. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or just relaxing. There are also opportunities for fishing, surfing, horseback riding, hikes, and birdwatching.

When it comes to accommodations, Punta Chame has a range of small hotels and guesthouses to choose from. Many of these offer stunning views of the ocean, and some even have their own private beaches. You'll also find a variety of restaurants in the area, serving up delicious local dishes and refreshing cocktails.

Originally Chame was a fisher’s town with a focus on shrimp. So you know what specialty to get when you’re at Chame.

Thermal wind

The winds at kitespot Punta Chame are typically strongest between the months of December and April, when the area is hit by the seasonal northwest trade winds. These winds blow consistently cross-onshore at speeds of around 15-25 knots, providing excellent conditions for kitesurfing.

The wind probability is higher than displayed in the forecast & statistics due to the Venturi effect and thermals, which boosts the wind during the day and adds around 7 knots to the predictions.


Most used kitesize at this spot is 12m (80kg). However it is advised to bring all your kites in a range from 6m to 15m.

Water conditions

The lagoons offer flatwater because of the peninsula which stops the swell and gives you the perfect flats you're looking for. With strong wind and out of the lagoons you have choppy water to small waves. It’s best to hit the water at mid-tide and waist deep-water.

Launch area

There is enough space to set up on the grass. At high tide the sand beach is about 10 m wide.

Lessons & Gear

You can get lessons or gear at Machete Kites, Panama Kitehouse or Panama Kitecenter.

Extra kite activities

Kite Schools offer a trip to John Wayne Island in the middle of the bay of Punta Chame (Isla Taborcillo). You can also join a kite safari to the sandbars in the middle of the bay, with perfect flatwater.


Watch out for stingrays at low tide.

Level of riding

Suitable for all rider levels.

How to get there?

Get a rental or a bus from the airport. Navigate to spot with google maps


From December through April is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.


No, a UV-lycra is advised however.