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What to expect at kitespot Palmones?

In Spain after a 30 min drive from Tarifo Centro you’ll find flatwater kitespot Palmones with a view on the Bay of Gibraltar and a nice sandy beach. Often the view is even better with anchored Cargo ships lay in this bay and when you are cruising by with your kite.


Kitespot Palmones is very good when the wind in Tarifa Centro is stormy. Most common kite sizes are 9-14 depending on your weight 65-90kg.

Launch area

Set up your gear and hit the water. There is more than enough launching space and always someone to help you if needed.


After your session Club Botavara is your place to get a drink or bite.


Park at the Club Botavara parking lot and walk 3 minutes towards the river Rio Palmones.

Nearby kitespots

If the wind is not strong enough at this spot check kitespot Rio Jara.

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