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What to expect at kitespot Otterndorf?

In Germany, a 2,5 hour drive from Hamburg you’ll find kitespot Otterndorf with mostly flat and shallow water. It’s best to kitesurf from 3 hours before and 3 hours after high tide. This spot is very cool because of the ships passing by. Remember to keep safe!


Best kitesurf wind at N, NNE, NE, W, WNW, NW, NNW.

Level of riding

Otterndorf kitespot is for intermediates because of the entry to the water via a stone dam and stairs and a strong current.

Launch area

Set up your gear on the grass and enjoy this spot. When the grass is wet don’t land your kite on the grass.


If you want kitesurf lessons contact Cuxkite.


Park your car at the parking lot and walk 250m to the spot.


There is a restaurant located at this spot.

Nearby spots

If you searching for other kitespots, checkout Kugelbake and Dorum.

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