North Skyway Bridge (West Side)

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What to expect at kitespot North Skyway Bridge West Side?

In Florida, a 30 minute drive from Tampa international airport you’ll find kitespot North Skyway Bridge West Side with flat to choppy water and a tiny beach at Tampa Bay.

The entry to the water is mostly used by boat owners who use it as a boat ramp. When you’re here you’ll find a lot of boat trailers so watch out when launching.

Thermal Wind

Around April and May when the air is heating up quite nice, there is a good chance you’ll benefit from the afternoon thermal effect. In winter the thermal effect is more likely to be there in the morning, because cold air is sucked into the Gulf of Mexico. Besides the thermal wind this spot meets some tropical storms now and then, with hurricane conditions.

From October to June the wind is around 13-17 knots. It’s best to kitesurf when the wind is coming from the North West.


Kitespot North Skyway Bridge West Side has shallow areas on the left side, a channel right in front and deep waters on the right side. Directly in front of the spot you’ll see an island, despite how nice it looks be aware of its dangers. It’s a mangrove island surrounded by oysters. The shallow area is also known for its oysters. So bring your surfshoes and avoid these areas.

It’s best to kitesurf just before and after high tide. However if you want to ride at low tide you’ll probably not have enough water.

Launch area

The launching area is very tiny, and during high tide it’s even smaller. Because of this It’s best to launch your kite when you’re in the water. Also take notice of the trees and boat trailers at this spot.

Level of riding

This spot is only for advanced riders because of the tiny beach, so you need to be able to ride upwind and do not lose altitude. Remember to not ride alone because there is no rescue at this spot.


Get your lessons at SA Kitesurf Adventures, Kiteboarding St Petersburg or Kiteboarding Tampa Bay.


You can park near the spot, however the parking spots are limited. There are no other facilities, so bring your own beverages and keep it clean. A ten minute walk will bring you to a bathroom at Sunshine Skyway Memorial near the rest-area.

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Make sure to also check kitespot North Skyway Bridge with an easterly wind.

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