Puerto Cancun
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Kitespot Puerto Cancun: What to Expect?

In Mexico, located just outside of the bustling city of Cancun, and next to the hotel zone, Puerto Cancun offers a beautiful white sandy beach and clear ocean waters for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers to enjoy. The spot is situated on a permanent sandbar in front of a narrow lagoon, which makes you forget the city and already enjoy the seaside view when you enter the spot.

Kitespot Puerto Cancun is a good spot to learn kitesurfing and to foil or wingfoil. For kitesurfing beginners there is flat shallow water for the first 100m, followed by choppy deeper water, which is perfect for foiling or wingfoiling. Intermediate riders can also enjoy some little waves 1km out.

Wind Conditions

The main season for kitesurfing in Puerto Cancun is from November to April. Puerto Cancun, experiences prevailing easterly winds, which are influenced by the trade winds, blowing 15-20 knots in general, and 20-25 knots at some days. From October to January, the northeast trade winds prevail, while from February to May, the southeast trade winds dominate. June and October experience only thermal winds, ranging from 10 to 15 knots. In July, August and September there is less consistent wind.

Kite sizes

The most used kite size at Puerto Cancun is a 12m kite for riders weighing around 80kg. However, kite sizes can vary depending on the wind conditions and rider preferences.

Water Conditions

The water conditions at Puerto Cancun are generally flat with some chop, and shallow for the first 100m followed by small waves at the open sea. The water is clear and warm, making it a pleasant environment for kitesurfing.

Launch Area

The launch area at Puerto Cancun is a sandy beach that can get smaller at high tide and during full moon.

Lessons & Gear

Kiteschool Ventaigua provides everything you need, from gear to kitesurf lessons. The school has a nice white sandy beach where you can relax in sitting bags, a hammock, or you can discuss your latest rides at the picnic table. Ventaigua also teaches and rents out wingfoil, foil, wakesurf, wakefoil, and arranges freediving, wakeboarding or a SUP.

Ventaigua has a private beach access, with parking in front of the beach, on reservation. Or you can walk 1km on the beach from Playa Las Perlas.

Level of Riding

Puerto Cancun is suitable for all rider levels. The shallow area is ideal for beginners, while the open sea gives ample space for the more experienced rider.

How to Get There

Puerto Cancun is located just outside of the city of Cancun in Mexico. The easiest way to get there is by flying into Cancun International Airport, which is serviced by a number of airlines from around the world. From the airport, you can take a taxi or rental car to Puerto Cancun.

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From November through April is the best time.

Flat shallow water for the first 100m, followed by choppy deeper water, and little waves 1km out.


No, the watertemparature is 24-28Β°C. However from December to February a neoprene top is advised because of the cold wind, Ventaigua offers neoprene tops for lessons and rentals.