La Ventana - Mexico
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What to expect at kitespot La Ventana?

In Mexico, a fifty minute drive south of La Paz airport or 2.5 hours drive north from Los Cabos airport, you´ll find the kite mecca of La Ventana. The two lane road will take you through some hills covered with an abundant desert flora.

La Ventana was discovered by windsurfers after Los Barriles, back in the 80's. Where they started visiting with their campers and rv´s, due to it´s great wind-water conditions. So you´ll feel its riders vibe and its history.

La Ventana is perhaps the kite spot of Mexico that concentrates the most traffic of kiters and schools, since it´s conditions are just supreme for all levels or riders.

It's bay is quite wide and long, offering lots of space for kiters and schools. It's wind is a 17-25 knots average side on shore thermal wind.

The spot is located in the sea of Cortez, showing it´s radiant blues and abundant marine life. Which results in great seafood and good vibes.

When you visit La Ventana you’ll see lots of Cardones, the main cactus, standing everywhere. This spot together with the beautiful surroundings really makes you feel in Mexico. It’s a perfect place to combine with a road trip.

Thermal wind

The wind season is a pretty good one, blowing from November till April, side on shore, averaging 17-25 knots.


Most used kitesizes at this spot are 9-12m (80kg).

Water conditions

Fresh and cold in winter time around 19-20ºC. In springtime (March-April) it is nicely fresh, around 22ºC.

Deep water with few reef rocks along the shore, gotta be careful, observing and asking first where these rocky spots are.

Launch Area

Long and wide sandy beach. If you rent a house by the sea, then you have your own launching & landing beach. In any case, you´ll have to walk a few dusty roads to get to the beach.

Lessons & Gear

Plenty of schools around. Contact Saladita kite school, Evolution Kiteboarding or ChiloChill Experiences school.

Level of riding

Beginner, intermediate, advanced.


There´s few rocky spots that will hurt your feet if you launch nearby. The wind dies with the sunset, so better come out when u feel it depowering and see the sun setting.


Houses, studios, rooms for rent, hotels, hostels, few restaurants and groceries stores. You can get a larger variety of groceries and cheaper in the supermarkets of La Paz.

How to get there?

From La Paz, drive south 50 minutes. From Los Cabos drive north 2.5 hours. It will be a beautiful and safe road trip in La Baja.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Los Barriles, a 1 hour drive from kitespot La Ventana.

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From November till April is the best time.

Choppy, fresh, cold, radiant blue, deep water.

Yes, from November till April.

Yes, 3:2mm from December to April, 2mm shorty from May to November.