Isla Blanca - Mexico
beginner  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Isla Blanca?

In the Mexican Caribbean coast, 50 minutes drive from Cancun´s airport, you´ll find a little paradise for kiters known as kitespot Isla Blanca. It is a big lagoon with flat and shallow water conditions. Ideal for beginners and freestylers that want to polish their tricks on those flats. This is one of the easiest and most gentle spots in the world.

The sand dunes divide the lagoon from the caribbean sea. It is a nice beach to have a long walk and enjoy the radiant blue color of the sea. However the sea-side isn't that good for kiting since it is choppy, unless you want to chase some reef waves, but you gotta be careful since there are sections where the reef is quite shallow.


Kitespot Isla Blanca is the only place in the Caribbean coast of México where you can ride in all wind directions.

Trade winds blow from November through May, having December through April as the best months. Even though there can be gaps during the week of 2-3 days without enough wind.
Expect light winds for big kites 70% of the time it blows and 30% winds of 15 to 25 knots.

Water conditions

The water is warm 23oC on average and quite flat and shallow. Is a very gentle lagoon.

Launch Area

Public launch area at la Punta. Enough beach to rig your gear.

Lessons & Gear

There are a variety of schools around the lagoon. The oldest one is Ikarus Kiteboarding, where you can get lessons, lodge, eat and enjoy a multicultural kiter vibe.

Level of riding

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


It gets deep only at the north tip of the lagoon and far out. U still have a couple of kilometers of shallow waters.
There’s few rays. Their mating season is in spring.
Even everybody kites off shore winds there, since it is very shallow along the lagoon, be careful with light off shore winds, because they might die on you and if you are far out. You are gonna have to walk back with your gear inside the water or get a jet ski recovery which will cost you from $25 dls.


At Ikarus Kiteboarding you´ll find a nice lodge with a variety of rooms, tents set up or space for campers, restaurant with deli food, bathrooms, showers, wifi, enough garden to rig your gear and hang around with kiters from all over the world.
Driving towards la punta on the dirt road you´ll find a little shag to get some snacks, beverages or cold beer.
At la punta there's a shaggy restaurant by the sea side. You can get deli fresh fish and other traditional fish dishes there.

How to get there?

After you finish the paved road you´ll enter a dirt road. No need for 4x4 though, all cars will pass by. Check the map for directions.

Written by: Alex Pura Vida


From December through April is the best time.

Flat shallow water.

No, not as for as we know.

No, however most local riders ride with a 2mm shorty.