Le Morne Point - Mauritius
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Kitespot Le Morne Point: What to Expect?

Wavespot Le Morne Point is a world-famous kitesurfing destination located near the picturesque town of Le Morne, Mauritius. This stunning location is located in the south-west of the island and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Le Morne Point is a kitesurfer's paradise, offering challenging conditions, perfect wind, and waves that cater to both intermediate and advanced riders.

This spot is the entry point to the waves at Little Reef, Manawa, Chameaux and the world famous One Eye wave.


The wind is off-shore so only ride here with proper precautions and always with a buddy.

The best wind months at Le Morne Point are April to mid-October, with June through August being the best of the best. The wind is primarily South Easterly Trade Wind, but there is also thermal wind from December through March which is not as constant. The main wind direction is SE. The wind speed is 15-30 knots average from April through mid-October, with days of 35 knots in June, July, and August. From mid-October through March, the average wind speed is 10-20 knots. It’s advised to only ride this spot with a minimum of 20 knots.

Northwest of the small peninsula at Le Morne Point the landmass and Le Morne itself creates a wind shadow, remember to avoid this area.

Kite Sizes

The kite size you should use at Le Morne Point will depend on your riding level and the wind conditions. A kite size ranging from 7m to 12m is recommended based on 80 kg. It’s good to know that most kite schools don’t allow you to use rented gear at this spot, since the waves and reef can be unforgivingly for gear.

Water Conditions

Wavespot Le Morne Point offers a range of water conditions, from flat water inside the reef for the first 600m to bigger waves as you venture further. The water quality at Le Morne is crystal clear, providing riders with a breathtaking view of the underwater scenery.

If the swell is big the currents are too, be aware of the fact that they easily rip 10 knots out of the channels.

Little Reef

For those just starting out, the Little Reef is a great option. It offers small waves that provide an ideal environment for riders to practise their skills. It’s located southwest of the spot at the entry of the channel.


Crossing the channel from Little Reef brings you to the Manawa reef, where you can expect medium-sized waves. This spot is a good intermediate level wave, providing riders with a good challenge to enhance their riding skills.

If you have good wave skills ride the pocket, otherwise ride the shoulder.


Riding through the channel and staying right, you'll find the Chameaux wave, which is known for its big waves. It's an advanced wave and a perfect place for experienced riders to test their skills.

It breaks left and right, and at strong swells could be one wall with “One Eye”. It’s good to know that the reef is quite shallow at the right break point. If you take the left side don’t ride the wave until the shallow reef because the next wave and riders are just behind you.

One Eye

The Eye is the most western point of Le Morne Point and offers even bigger waves than the Chameaux wave. This wave is not for the faint-hearted, and only experienced riders should attempt it.

The One Eye breaks at the reef, is a very steep wave and it’s advised to only ride on it at high tide. Additionally, don't ride too long on it and avoid the lip.

With such a range of waves, Le Morne Point is a kitesurfer's paradise, offering riders the chance to test their skills and take their riding to the next level.

Launch Area

The launch area at Le Morne Point is small and sandy surrounded with trees.


Like any kitesurfing destination, Le Morne Point has its hazards that riders should be aware of. Some of the hazards to watch out for include animals, currents, reefs, and corals. It is important to always take proper safety precautions and seek local advice before attempting to ride the waves.

Level of Riding

Wavespot Le Morne Point is a challenging kitesurfing destination that is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders. The waves are fast, powerful, and can reach up to 60 meters in length, making them demanding and requiring a high level of skill and control to ride effectively.

Intermediate riders should only ride the Little Reef and Manawa. Advanced riders are advised to begin with Little Reef, and proceed with Manawa followed by Chameaux and One Eye if desired.

How to Get There

Le Morne Point is located near the town of Le Morne and has a parking lot next to the spot.

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From April to mid-October is the best time, where June through August is the best of best.

Flat to choppy and shallow inside the reef, and huge waves outside the reef.

Yes, from December through March.

No, however it's advised to bring a 2mm shorty just in case your feeling cold and a UV-lycra to protect you a bit from the sun.